Can t install apps

Error message “Cannot destructure property ‘baseUrl’ of ‘e’ as it is undefined”
Beacon app
Philips tv

didn’t try any more, but probably won’t get any, i restarted and also tried the HOMEY beta software

You are mentioning Beta: Are you by any chance trying to install Pro apps on a Homey Cloud? Or are you using a Pro. What install procedure did you follow?

Homey “issue”, They are working on a fix. Must be live in about 30 min. ( i heard)

No, standard Homey (Early 2018)

That is also a Pro now. Athom logic. :crazy_face:

2016 is pro, early 2018/2019 is pro-er, Pro is pro-est. Only cloud is less pro.

Then i know one which is Pro-est-er