Can not add (include) a new Fibaro FGS-224 (Double Smart Module)


I can’t get inclusion to work with my Fibaro Double Smart Module.
First stem works (clicking three times) and also the second step (clicking three times again) then it asks me for a code and I guess that should be the 5 digit PIN Code on the device, after that I always get an error (after 10 sec or so) telling me that it can’t communicate with the device anymore.

I tried restart Homey and also resetting the device. And I also tried to have the device close to homey (30 cm)

I have other Fibaro devices that works just fine but this is the first one asking for a pin code during setup.

Any suggestion on how to solve my issue?


Try 5x zero as pincode (00000)
This way you will include your device unsecure.

A few minutes ago I actually succeeded, it seem that I was to quick, so if I just wait around 30 seconds after the second tripple click and then enter the pin it seems to work. I have now successfully added two FGS-224 with exactly the same result. Try to do it fast = fail… Wait 30 sec = success.


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