Can my LifeSmart products be added to Homey Pro

I have this kit from LifeSmart.

They have not made an app for Homey. But is it possible to add the devices directly to my Homey Pro if I bypass the bridge?

They work with zigbee according to the product site.
Homey can command basic on/off zigbee devices like sockets, relais, switches and lights;
It does not ‘listen’ to zigbee devices, so sensors and remotes etc. need an app.

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Thanks for your reply.

However, I can’t find them in the Homey app. How should I add it?

But according to the specs for the LifeSmart products the radio protocol is ‘CoSS’. I can’t find that anywhere in the Homey compatibility list. Actually I can’t find much about that radio protocol at all. Is it some kind of Zigbee standard?

No, it’s a proprietary protocol from LifeSmart.

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Just to be clear: So the only way my LifeSmart products would work with Homey, would be if they make an app for Homey? (So that I control it via the LifeSmart bridge)

Sorry. I am very new with Homey

I saw zigbee as well. Never heard of CoSS btw., but I don’t doubt Robert’s view on it.

Why would they mention zigbee, when you can’t use it on other zigbee controllers I’m thinking…
But, zigbee has nowhere near a range of 800m…


  1. Add new device
  2. Select ‘Homey’
  3. Select ‘Zigbee’


To control them by Homey via the LifeSmart bridge: yes.