Can i make a secret room in homey app?

Doesn’t have to be hidden
I simply want to create seperet room so i can “put” in it all my sensor and tiles which i dont want to show… Is it possible?

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Click, in the mobile app, devices. Then click “home” on top. This changes in “zones” then. Click the cogwheel on the top right. Scroll down to make a new zone.
Is this what u are looking for?

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No, this will simply add a room, i want a room wich will not be visible unless i enter directly to this room…

Then i misunderstood ur question, sorry.

Little bit secret, is that a option?

i am having trouble to be clear…sorry english is not my native language.

mayby if i explain what i want to do, i will be more clear…

i want to put a tablet in my house with homey app run to “manage my house”
i dont want to use homey dash becuze it’s missing a lot of functionality such as long press to control harmony activities…and etc
any wayi want to creat a room in i put all my unessery sensor and switches wich i dont want to be seen in my tablet…and becus i know i cant hide specifiec tiles yet…i just wanted to creat another room and make it not visible in homey hub to keep the interface clean and minimalistic as i can get…

That is not possible yet. So you have to find yourself a workaround that fits you.

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ya so i thought but i was hoping to be wrong…:smiley:
there is another “workaround” other then homey defult app and homey dash ?

What if you use Virtual Devices to start actions on your Harmony? If that would work you -can- use to do what you want.


actualy it’s not a bed idea
but in homey dash i cant seperate the room and becuzei have meny entities…its look messi… :\