Can another Homey Pro or a Homey Bridge be used as a bridge to read a Zigbee effect value?

I have two Homey Pro devices, and one Homey Bridge. I run my flows in one of the Homey Pro units.
I need to read the effect value from an Aqara smart plug running Zigbee, and I also need to set the switch inside it. This plug is on the same electrical subscription, but in another building, and too far away from the “main” Homey Pro to be reached. I have an extra Homey Pro, and a Homey Bridge, hoping that one of them could be used as a bridge to the information and control that I need. I have the same need for an Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch using Z-Wave.
It doesn’t seem to be any direct support for this, but perhaps some http-requests could be used? Is that possible between Homey devices? They are using the same IPV4 subnet, so I guess I can reach them if I find the IP number they use. Even if that is possible, I was hoping for a simpler solution, or built-in functionality in Homey devices running on the same user ID/subscription.

I know that Zigbee devices create a local Mesh-network between each other. I could have placed a Zigbee unit between the Homey and the unreachable switches, but to do that, I would have to dig a power cable for the “in between” Zigbee device. I don’t want such a relay to be run on battery power, so that would be very inconvenient.

I hope you smart heads on the community have had this situation before. :slight_smile:

Best regards, Steinar

Easiest solution is to check if the HomeyTogether works between your Homey Devices. If so, you can send a message to the other Homey, and start your flow from there.

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Don’t know if this will work with two “old” Homey Pro but you can give it a try.
App from @Arie_J_Godschalk

You also can try webhook.

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Indeed, Homesh can be used for this and works on “old” models.
You can use it to start any flow f.i. from one Homey on the other Homey.

They do need to be within the same LAN.

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Thanks for good development!! This looks supersmart!! :slight_smile: Will the satellite be available on Homey Bridge?
Best regards, Steinar

I might be mistaken, @Caseda knows better i think.
But, afaik, the Homey Bridge itself is not a platform, just an extention to either Homey (cloud) or Homey Pro.
So, if you use it with the Pro i would asume you can just use the available apps.

But in the Cloud, no i have no VD apps for in the Cloud.
And, again, afaik, if i would want to publish a app in for Homey Cloud, i believe i have to pay money for that (if i am not mistaken).
So, yeah, that seems like it will never happen on my part.

Correct, it is just a bunch of antenna, you could see it as an (wireless) external antenna for the new Homey Pro.
Or just a bridge (hence the name) between Homey (in the cloud) and local Z-Wave/ZigBee/IR/433MHz devices.

And only an “Official” developer can publish for Homey cloud, right?

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