Calculate with dates

is it possible to calculate with time? I want to be able to subtract two different time stamps from each other to get the total amount of minutes difference and use that to create a time offset in a different flow.

I know I can get the time in dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm in better logic, but I cannot subtract the two days, because they are strings and not numbers.

Any tips?

Indeed you’ll need better logic, it’s very versatile but also quite difficult for me, regarding the ‘formulas’ dev Arie comes up with.
I’d suggest to ask your Q in the BLL app topic.

I once made an example flow to separate the parts of a timestamp, to calculate with it, maybe it gets you started.

Will do that, thanks. and yes for now I did a similar approach as to what you did. calculate everything back to minutes, add everything up, and then have a minute timestap, with which I can calculate. But if I need to do that everywhere, it really inflates the flows…

Buckle up :crazy_face:
Some examples of calculating time, and converting time (from minutes to hours and v.v)