Cabin: Plan arrival (heating control)

I have a Homey Pro ’23 in my cabin to control, among many things, the indoor temperature. When I’m away, I keep the indoor temperature at 14*C.

I have a variable “plannedArrival” that I set to “Yes” when planning to go to the cabin. From that moment on, the logic sets the target temperature to 18C (and not 14C). Depending on the outdoor temperature (and the fact that I have too few ovens), it can take up to two days to heat it up to 18-20*C.

Since I too often forget to set my “plannedArrival” variable to “Yes” (and arrive at a freezing cold cabin), I would like an additional implementation. One where I could set a date of my arrival, and the logic turns on “plannedArrival” at the correct time.

(In the cabin I have separate temperature sensors in the rooms with ovens. When room reaches desired target temperature, it turns of the zigbee power plugs connected to the ovens (the ovens thermostats are set high (above target temperature))).

Anyone see a simple solution to this?

This is my own first implementation:

I have to set the target date to two days prior to arriving, but that’s ok for now.
Note: The date format could be different on your system.