Button + (Release 0.5.0, Test 0.5.3)

Hi Adrian,
just sent you the log. I m not at home actually, so I canˋt observe the display. Another thing I recognised: on the Button + webinterface I set it to „no status bar“. This works until the next disconnection andthen the statusbar is shown again and the webinterface again shows „status bar on bottom line“. If I could totally reset the Button+? But exempt the two reset buttons on the device‘ I dont know how.
Thank you very much for all the time you spend helping!
Ups! Please ignore the first log, I didn´t restart the app. Second log is what you asked for.Sorry.

I have published a new test version that should fix the issue with only updating the left side.

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Has the IP address of your button + changed since it was added to Homey?
The log has the line:
readDeviceConfiguration error: request to failed, reason: connect EHOSTUNREACH

So Homey can’t communicate with the Button +.
Also, the mDNS is not returning any Button + information, so Homey can’t detect it.

For the status bar, you will need to set the option in the Homey device settings:

Good morning
The ….132 is the IP of my second Button+, which I actually can‘t configer via the app. So it is unpowered but not removed from Homey.
Shall I remove it and send the log again?

Ah, Ok. If you can remove the unused one, that would make the log clearer. Also, could you leave it a bit longer before sending the log so it has a chance to start up everything. Thanks for your patience and help diagnosing this.

Just sent the log with only one ( first added) Button +.
In the log it says The user aborted a request.
There was no activity from my part…

I saw that in your previous logs and it did puzzle me as not seen anything like that before.

It certainly looks like Homey can’t communicate with the Button + reliably. Can you see the Button + web interface OK?

That´s why I thought it might be a network problem. The Button+ disconnects very often and it gets only connected to the first AP (now it´s 1 meter from another repeater, but it ignores it). On Github several users mentioned the same issue. But there is no real instruction to reset the network settings, they only say, that resetting the device (Button+) doesn´t affect the stored Network, which obviously is true.
Do you have any idea how to totally reset the button+?
Otherwise I will try to install my second device and see if this works better, but it is also connected to one AP…

Ok, installed the second Button+ in the same location as the first: same behavior, it also stays connected to the first AP and looses connection. Pressing both buttons on the downside of the device re-establishes the connection for a couple of minutes.
btw: Homey says as well …aborted by user" in an orange box, when I try to open the Button+ in the device-section of Homey.

If you look at the issues (Button + ), many users complain about the connectivity. (e.g. issue id 89).
But that doesn´t seem to worry the developper Ronald? , nearly no replies from him on this page.

Hold config button for about 5 seconds (see issue #56)

Great, thanks!
Didn´find this myself. I will retest my device with a new connection.

But: obviously Button+ sees some APs around it, but no mesh.

When I go to /_ac/config I see all my APs:

The I choose the one with the highest strenght (first in the list), enter the passphrase.
It says connection reset and tries to open /_ac/results, this shows “page unavailable”

But when I go to SSID, it seems to be still connected to its first AP:

So the Button+ stays connected to another AP…???

(Sorry Adrian if this is off topic)

Thanks!! It looks like it is working perfect again! :+1:

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Maybe you can add the button+ Mac adres in a table so that it is forced to always connect to the same AP? (First add it to the table, then reset button + and re-add it to the WiFi network). - Option 2: a second SSID on 1 AP for test purposes to connect with the Button+?

Must say, here at the beginning some issues but now very stable. And have 59 WiFi devices, a mesh network with 3 AP and they bring 9 (3x 2.4, 3x 5 and 3x 6ghz) networks in the air. My button+ is free to connect to any AP (but my mesh network is in the lead to with AP it will connect)

@Thilo yep, that page doesn’t work as expected.
Just try the instruction from Adrian: the long press on config button.

Don’t update firmware to the latest one! My B+ got into a reboot loop, also after power down… Don’t know what to do now?? :pensive:

Contact button+ support?

Have you tried a factory reset (hold down both buttons until the LEDS all flash)?