Blinking all lights in group


Is it possilble to make all lights in an group (different vendors; Tradfri, Yeelight-WiFi) blink as an notification for a certain event? Noticed the Hue lights have a blinking option, my type op lights don’t seems to support this.

Since it bassicly a quick on/off wouldn’t all smart lights be able to support this?



Yes that the one I’m using to make a group of devices.
You are pointing out the app, or a specific point referring to my question.

The capability “blink” doesn’t show up, but I guess this should be able to work regardless of what the device supports out of the box…?

As far as I’m aware, the blinking is only useful when specific parts of Zigbee will be implemented by Homey. Only then you’ll have a proper synced and timed blinking. And it could be that the blinking is partially implemented in the Hue bulbs themselves.

Why not use the devicegroup in a flow with switch on and then switch off after 2 seconds (or whichever delay is usefull for you)…

Surely would be a option, but would required multiple flows if I’m correct…? If so seems inefficient to set it up like this.

Wanna use it for several types of notification, perhaps even with a certain colour to differentiate between types of notification.

Examples I’m thinking off, gonna rain in x minutes, somebody at the door, somebody entered geofence, postnl package will be delivered, etc. When the lights are off I would like to put them on, just to notify and shut off afterwards.

Can easily be done in a single flow like this:

In the example there are 2 ON/OFF sequences and in the end the lights will be the same as they were before.
I’m not sure about the different colors for different actions; maybe you need to create a different flow for every color or maybe something is possible using variables.

Ahh Nice, thanks! Gonna try that out tonight.

I guess this way I create a reusable action which I can use for several flows. Color would be defined within the flow triggered by the event for which I require a notification.

Think I can optimize some other flows following the same technique as well.

A second lights off was somewhat disruptive. Ended up switching the lights between a color and the default color setting twice.

For some reason creating a group with colored light bulbs didn’t give we an option to change the a certain color. Only the options “color saturation” and “color temperature” where available. So I added all lights individually for now.

No colour hue?

Color hue, is for Philips Hue only right? Using a mixture of different vendors, one of the reasons I went for Homey since I don’t want to be depending on a certain eco system.

Hue is a capability all lights will have - the “hue of a colour” is its wave length - ie. colour.

There is also a brand called Philips Hue - which is named after the colour hue.

Add the capability “hue” to the group as well as I think it is “light mode” and you’ll be able to change the colour of grouped lights.

Thanks for the clarification.

Re-created the colored light group and indeed both colored and white tints can be set now on group basis. Simplified my flow setup using the group instead of all individual lights. Awesome!

Also changed from Buienradar to Buienalarm. According to the user feedback Buienradar is not working anymore while Buienalarm is. Seems more Athom developed apps (like PostNL) where aboned and code is not updated anymore, while app is not working either. Such a shame!

Haven’t seen my flow in action yet, beside the manual flow test. Probably the first time I hoping that it will start to rain :slight_smile:

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IKEA Tradfri lamps appear not to respond fast enough to create the effect. Considerably more than one second delay seems to be necessary. And the status of the lamp in the Homey app gets out of sync with reality. I have tried toggle (which is what I want because I do not know whether the light is on or off when I start) and also explicit “if ON, then OFF, else ON”
The problem seems to be with the short timings; is this a problem with the IKEA lamps, or with Zigbee in general? and can I force an update so that Homey’s view of the lamp’s state is correct?