Blink very limited support for new Users

Dear community ,
as a new user with Homey and Blink Cameras I was hoping for a “seamless” integration . However the Blink App is requesting your username and password which is a clear roadblock for new Blink’s customers . Indeed the new account’s credentials with Blink are based on email only and password. According to Blink’s support there is no option to generate a username on top anymore.
If there is an Homey ecosystem lead who could make the Blink App developers updating the way to connect the two environment with both options , meaning username and email , it would be great.
if someone has a workaround solution , please let me know as well :slight_smile:

just insert your email into the username field :wink:

Hi Ronny, I have tried this path before posting my message . But it did not work with my email I used on my Blink Account/mobile app.

Can you share the error (screenshot)?
Adding cameras ist not possible in the current version because of API changes by Blink.
That`s not caused by the username.
A fix for this error is in development. So please check the Blink tread for updates.

here is the screenshot when trying to add a Blink mini -

It`s the API problem and will be fixed when the developer of the Blink app will include the bugfixes (see Blink app thread).