Beta Invite code Giveaway Topic [WIKI]

Seeing the Last activity in this tread, Rule 1 is probably the fastest way to get a Code.

Hi All,

I would love to have a beta invite code. I’m saving up for the Homey Bridge. but would love to try it out beforehand.


Czy ktoś ma kod,? będę wdzięczna.



i need a beta key for homey bridge, i buy homey bridge but no key


now is august and they still sell homey bridge without beta key. Maybe i put it back again to the shop.

Who is they?
Now i put it back in the shop. and buy homey pro

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They should not send out Homey Bridges, the Homey (cloud) is still in Beta! Bridges are only available from Athom directly.

:scream: waiting for a code

If I get lucky the tread will get some attention again and codes will rain all over us that are still waiting! :sweat_smile:

Neeed coode. :smiley:

and therefore closed if no members react faster then the official Athom invite Queue.