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Best way to go about debugging

Since a week or so my homey has become very unresponsive. At bootup it’s OK, but after a while it’s unbearable (like having to wait 10 seconds for lights to turn on).

I’m a techie so I know my way around.

What’s the best way to debug? There’s no telnet/ssh interface right?, so hard to see whats causing the issue.
I can disable all plugins and enable them one by one to see which the culprit is, but that seems tedious.

There must be an easier way :slight_smile:

OMG! I wanted to check if maybe something was blocking Wifi (packetloss), so i put Homey into a higher position, but on his side.

Then the countdown started… Before i realised what was about to happen it already reached 0.


[edit] Interesting, everything is still there… What exactly does recovery do??

Keep calm :wink:
Pull The plug and Put Homey on her Feet.
Then Plug and Restart.

Or use the Setup wizard but do choose the KEEP Data … after re-configuring the WiFi PSK.

How to set Homey in recovery mode - and why

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I didn’t need to reconfigure anything… and somehow it seems to have solved the unresponsiveness…