Best indoor Motion Sensor?

My best experience - Philips Hue with Hue Bridge… Homey and Zigbee are not the best of friends at best. But with the bridge I’ve had no issues.

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my best experience will be for sure the Hue motion sensor.
I had a couple of aquara sensors, but the where not the best way for what i want to do with it.
As Kaz said, Homey and there own Zigbee network are not the best friends.

Every light and sensor in our home is Philips Hue and so far the best dissision we made.

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I use 2 with an adaptor for 220v - never need to change batteries! I like that it measures humidity, presence and temperature. I use them to trigger lighting, floor heating and central ventilation.

Theres no stupid questions at the forum…
I use the lux measurement (lumen detection) to switch on the lights in my zones.
WHEN lux is changed AND lux is higher than X THEN turn off the light
WHEN TIME=06:00 AND lux is lower than X THEN turn on the lights
WHEN Motion AND lux is lower than X THEN turn on the lights

In fact I use more of my hue motion detectors for lux measurement only. Not evenusing the motion…

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I have the Fibaro motion sensors. Works perfect for motion. Temperature seems to work fine, but lumen detection is terrible.
I also use Philips Hue and their motion sensors. They seem flawless.
Other differences with these two:

  • Fibaro waits 30s before stopping to report motion, hue after 5s.
  • Fibaro is €60 and Hue is €40.
  • haven’t used the Hue sensors without the Hue bridge though…
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Works fine for me. Adjust the parameters for you need.

Can also be changed.

For me, the Fibaro Motion Sensor is best MS I ever have used.

Yes, I know. The problem is the battery drainage when changing those thresholds. Which brings me to a very important difference I forgot to mention: Fibaro runs on CR-123, Hue on AAA.

My hacked Aqara motion sensors (5s reset) run on CR2032’s, and have been for more than a year now.

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I have the exact same experience. I like the pricing of aqara, but the lx sensor is not really useful for me because it doesn’t update by itself.
Hue motion sensor (with bridge) are stable, responsive and the lx sensor works very well. I have 7 of them in my home. I use them for flows to auto-turn-on lights when it gets dark. Combined with Heimdall alarm, it’s a pretty nice security motion detection system.
The only downside is the price. But as with other hue products, you get what you pay for.


I use a lot of Fibaro stuff and I am very happy with that, these work great with Homey.

I have two of the Fibora motion sensors in action for detecting motion that triggers a light to switch on. In one of the scenarios it ONLY does that when the lumen are below a set value.
This all works perfectly fine, and I have not had to replace the batteries yet ( in use for close to a year now).

Thanks for all your experiences!
I bought 2 Fibaro Motions Sensors but I will return them again since I couldn’t pair them with Homey (did the reset, remove etc - all the tricks I could find on the interweb).

At the same time I bought 2 Hue Motion Sensors (I already have the Hue-bridge), and it seems like, that what I want to do, could/would work.

Wondering me ?!
These are the most straightforward Z-Wave devices I have. Are you sure that you have the Z-Wave variant. And not the Bluetooth HomeKit variant?

I couldn’t get them in “Pair”-mode, no matter what I tried. It was REALLY wondering me too!

I have a couple of Hue sensors with the bridge. And I have a really annoying delay before it detects motion (only on Homey). Dont you guys have that?

Homey can only poll the bridge for state changes, once every 5 seconds, so you’ll have (at most) that amount of delay before Homey detects the motion.

Sensors have only 2s.

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It does, you can use it via Logic cards. I use this for some lights in the bedroom that only need to be turned on when there is motion in low light conditions, otherwise they don’t have to come on.

I have the same experience

Aeotec manual says that loadable rcr123a batteries can not be used with multisensor 6. Have you @matrover had any issues?

I’m also thinking about trying fibaro smoke sensor with rcr123a batteries. Anyone have any experience?