Best camera (NO) - Need help protecting bullied daughter

Sorry for the title… frustrated father here. My daughter has been heavily bullied for a long while now, something which escalated in ‘someone’ leaving… stuff… on our front door at 02:00 last night. Beside the trespassing itself, we realise we could have caught the persons red-handed, and maybe resolved some of our daughters problems if we had an outside camera installed.

So, I’m going camera-shopping tomorrow morning, but I desperately need advice. I need a dependable camera that can withstand norwegian winters, is stable, has a good night mode, and - preferably - works very well with Homey.

As a side note I’ve set up Xiaomi door sensors on all doors together with Xiaomi motion sensors on the outside, so I’m now able to ‘sense’ if somebody is outside, even if not trying to break in to the house. I also downloaded Heimdall, and hope to set it up as a better solution than what we have today (Verisure)

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Just a tip:
Place the camera where u can look the intruder in the face. I have some cams hanging on the 2nd floor outside and that scares peeps off but if they are wearing a hoodie u can just see a person, not recognise them. Cameras like a Ring video doorbell looks the intruder in the face.

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Good point, and thanks (veel bedankt) for the tip :slight_smile:

Maybe not cheap and does not work very well with Homey and I am also no great fan off Google but,… Nest Hello does a great job, nice doorbell, very very good and reliable camera. The pictures are extreme sharp and in the dark perfect.

With a Nest home Hub you get the video instantly on your hub when the doorbell is pushed.

For 50 euro a year you get the advanced options, like ≧◔◡◔≦ recognition and five days history. Don’t use that myself.

But I can recommend the Nest Hello.

I’m using dahua cameras (a lot of choice on Ali)
There is an app for it. So homey can communicate with it and send you screenshots.
Choose more megapixel for better face.
Using them for 2 years. Survived -27C.

But there is several big Chinese companies doing the same quality, your choice.

Didn’t know in Norway somebody bully somebody, you’re the happiest nation :grinning:

I use the arlo Cameras, they a solid, and have the advantage of not needing power/cable, though they are better with the power.