Belife plugs with metering function

There are some pretty cheap plugs with metering function on the market now:

BELIFE® Smart Plug - 4 stuk - Slimme Stekker met ENERGIEMETER - Google Home & Amazon Alexa Compatible - Smart Home

(Apologies for the Dutch).

they are offered for €50 for a set of 4 (€12,50 a piece).

Currently there is no app to use them on the Homey.
Is someone working on an App for these plugs?
Regards Hugo

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Hi Hugo,

Same here ,
Hope somebody has found a solution/workaround


I’m using these plugs as well, but haven’t found a solution for the homey app…
All of the tuya apps wont work, and even creating an app myself isn’t working at the moment. I can’t seem to figure out the API