Battery in Homey Pro and Bridge?

Does anyone know if there are a battery inside Homey Pro and Homey Bridge? In order to use the Atom products as a security hub and not only for smart devices I think Homey needs an internal battery for keeping the various Zigbee and Zwave networks alive also if the public power system should go down. All of my installed security sensors have battery inside but that will not help if the hub is unavailable.

No, but you can always use an UPS. But I don’t think Homey is reliable enough to act as a security system. It is too easy to prevent the sensors from sending alarms to Homey.

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Yeah, my words exactly. Don’t trust Homey (or any other generic home automation platform) as a security system!

Besides that, the Bridge doesn’t work without an internet connection.

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Thanks both of you for your fast replay. This information should be available in the marketing material since I know many users try to use Homey as a security hub.

On the other hand, it’s never been marketed as a security solution to my knowledge. Listing everything a product isn’t would get silly pretty quickly.


Well, Heimdall is a great app. Anything you can do with Homey is better than nothing. But it will never get any kind of certification that an insurance company would accept. If isn’t designed for/built with the proper failsafes that real security systems have.

You can of course link actual smart alarm systems with Homey, that is another matter, but Homey shouldn’t be crucial to the alarm functionality if you want it to be insurance-grade.