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Bathroom fans - no support?

Strange there is no apps for bathroom fans, at least I cant find it. Pax Calima has one running bluetooth, and it has the necessary data on github. Would be nice to control humidity on bathroom. I know the Pax i selfcontrolling, but sometimes humidity is way above 70% without going off.

Anyone with any ideas? App request has been sent…


If you can manually turn on and off the fan and you already have humidity sensor connected to Homey you don’t need an app that only handles 1 brand of fans but can just switch on/off any other fan including dumb fans.

Don’t agree, the point with automation is automation. #mapulu is on it and greatful for that!

My dumb bathroomfan is switched on when humidity is higher than 70% and outside humidity is lower than humidity in my bathroom.
I have a simple smartplug that is switched on in this case.

Does really sound like automation to me and doesn’t require an app for every other electrical fan.

Sure, I get your question; you have a fancy BT fan that can connect to your phone and you also want it to directly connect to Homey without having to use a smartplug but there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Pax Calima is not dumb, so why not use those possibilities? And having plugs in the bathroom is not an option for me.

As I said I get you… and my plugs are not in the bathroom of course… they are above the ceiling.
But instead of waiting for an app, you might be able to do what you want using another “solution” in the meantime.

I have strong beliefs in mapulu:)

Pax have more capabilities than just on/off. Different speeds, humidity sensors etc.

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The problem for this BLE device is that it needs pairing by PIN. That seems not possible with Homey now.

Also interested in this one :slight_smile:

+1 Also interested

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(I have a BlueTooth Vent-Axia)


now it is :slight_smile: