Barry, the “connected” electricity supplier

Anyone have any thoughts on how the integration of “Barry” is progressing?
On this article Homey is measured.
Otherwise it is planned at Homey because I would very much like to subscribe to this electricity supplier.
Barry electricity supplier

Since they mention it, why not ask them what the status of the Homey integration is?

It is mentioned in the article but it is not present on Barry’s API development page . HERE :

Ah, in that case I don’t think there’s any active development going on for a Homey app. I can’t find anything about it mentioned on this forum either :frowning:

Is it up to us to request a development from the Barry site or should we have to ask Devs Homey to go and see all this with a link to their API? how to do ? @robertklep

Athom themselves are not likely to implement an app. You can post an app request on this forum to see if there are any community developers interested in creating an app for the service. Or contact Barry and see if they are willing to create an app.