Baldwin Touchscreen Door lock with z-wave

Does anyone know if Homey works with a Baldwin connected touchscreen deadbolt? The lock has z-wave technology but I can’t find anywhere if Homey connects to Baldwin locks.


This is a secure Door Lock - Keypad for U.S. / Canada / Mexico.

Z-Wave uses different frequencies for EU and USA, so probably there is not such device available for EU frequency.

If there is no app, then it probably (most likely in case of this device, as a lock is way more complicated then just a basic on/off device) won’t work.

@JPe4619 there are also people from the USA (all over the world actually) that can have a Homey Pro (early 2023) or Homey (with Bridge), not just Europe :wink:

Thanks for this information, but I already knew that, I’m a frequent reader in this forum " Joined Aug 23, '18 Read 77d (2d recently)"