Backups on the way?


My firewall pointed this out to me this morning

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Athom has already announced firmware v3 and Backup & Restore has been high on everyone’s wish list (plus Athom have said it’s being worked on for more than a year now, so it’s about time :stuck_out_tongue: ). However, I didn’t expect it to be a cloud-hosted service, nor would I imagine that Homey is uploading its data without your explicit consent.

(I’m also not sure how your firewall reverse-looked up the IP-address to that hostname, because it looks like Amazon uses a wildcard for *, so there’s no reverse lookup possible)

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I seem to remember the backup an restore funtionality to be cloud based, to service people that are in the moblie first (only?) world.

(Perhaps caching of previous dns resolves and matching subsequent traffic)

Its seems like they are and my firewall did

Both make sense :+1:t2:still, I assume that the backup functionality can be disabled if I don’t appreciate my Homey data to be uploaded to the cloud.

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Its using ARP spoofing and is intercepting the traffic so it knows where it is being sent

could be the DNS traffic passing through the firewall, so no magic involved…

Ah, ok. Just curious, what firewall is it?

Anyway it’s about HIGH time backups are added. Already on my second homey and I won’t manually migrate anymore. If it should stop working I Will find another solution that has backup options.

Yesterday I found here on the forum by a mistake link to Athom page describing cloud backup functionality for Homey+ users (for 0,99€/month subscription). With functionality to restore to new Homey as well. But I cant find it anymore. Was it hoax, or spoiler alert or just my dream?

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That sounds very cheap. Must’ve been a dream!


Where smoke is …

It shouldn’t have gone public… (yet?)
In the german section they didn’t delete but closed the topic. (right @Emile?)
I think there where to much negative reactions in the dutch section :smile:
So no dreaming here… just a little censorshipping goin’ on :joy:

[EDIT] Can’t find the german topic, probably also deleted by now. [/EDIT]

Yes, it was in german section with link to Athom page that was in english. Looking forward to see it official :slight_smile:

I am not looking forward to it if it’s a paid service. I bought the Athom because there was no subscription fee

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I read that subscription only applies if you want the cloud backup. When you’ve bought your Homey there was no such thing as cloud backup.

Yesterday i placed a whole rant about it in the dutch section but that’s deleted.
When i bought my Homey there was told that they didn’t need subscription based income because they had better ideas.
Those ideas probably where;

  • Launching a pro version (that lacks features the previous normal had, like nfc and a microphone)
  • creating more language support to get more users.
  • And making the product more consumer friendly (accept for making the app more pretty it has not gotten consumer friendly.)

Homey is a product for enthiousiast nerdy people that like to play with home automisation,
from version 1.x untill 3.x i still can’t advise Homey to any of my family, friends or neighbours
In those years i did however advised people to buy Hue or Ikea’s tradfri and i know Homey is a more advanced product and you can do so much more with it but from the moment you pickup a Hue box and open it, everything is clear and IT WORKS(! - yep, i’m shouting)

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have a subscription based service but it starts with 99 cents for backups, a feature that should have existed when presenting the pro version (that was at the pre-release webpage that has been set to private now) and it will end with 9,99 with more features that should be standard already.

My biggest problem is that they are still (after all these years) not clear about if they will ever fix all the known issues (not gonna sum them up this time) where some can’t be fixed because of the used chipsets/antenna’s in the product.

I love my Homey and with some workarounds it does what i need it to do but after all these years Homey should have been a normal consumer product by now with an interface and manual that shows you the way, All those new people asking the same questions (including me when i came here) because it is still unclear… Come on guys! (at Athom, who are not reading the forums :kissing_heart:)


Correct it wasn’t a feature when i bought it and it will probably cost some bucks to host the backups (already cost money developing the feature) but i think they focussed on the wrong things a long time ago and now there constantly fighting for new ways to generate money.

And offcourse all companies should do that (duh) but if the base is wrong then you need to fix this first, or atleast be honest about it…

Just an example;
“Zigbee rewrite is not going to come and you are limited by x range and x items, also this and that won’t work flawless”

That is a better way than telling everything can be connected and it all works great with all these wonderfull apps
and when people buy it they find the fora with all problems.
In general Homey does what it should but if you want good ir you will have to buy and ir extender, you need your zigbee bridge for flawless functioning. Voice control has been dropped and even the mic has been removed as so with nfc.

It is all understandable but that doesn’t make it right.

[END of the RANT] :v:

As mentioned before, there is no better all in one alternative so far. Fully agree with post above with one note. If Im going to get better support and kind of safety (cloud backup) for such a critical thing as a home automation, Im willing to pay for it. But if there will be better and reasonable alternative, I will go for it as well :slight_smile:
From previous experience, all free services start to suffer over time. I dont believe that hardware only business will make it sustainable for Athom or other company.

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