Backup, Restore and Migrate functions for Homey

If I am on a party and I don’t like it or would do it different, I should not complain to everyone around me hoping the host will hear it and know. When entering this Party (Welcome) they clearly stated that you should talk to the Party Organisation (in this case Support) if anything could be done to make your day :tada::confetti_ball::fireworks:

And of course they know the mood on their party, it just doesn’t help complaining to other party guests. Ther is just more fun in the other party area’s where guest have fun!

I suggest everyone thinking Athom SHOULD read everythin on this forum looks at his own profile, compares his own read time with the time necesary to read te forum by looking at a couple of moderators that even won’t/can’t read everything.

fe Read 17d (4d recently)

Just think about paying extra salarys for 17 day x 24 h to a developer or to a Community manager joining and listening everywhere on the party. I understand their decission.


@Dijker So you are saying we shouldn’t discuss the ideas and suggestions here together, but only direct these to moderators or Athom support themselves?
This whole section is titled “Ideas and Suggestions”, and I think this is what MrHaugen is asking about. After all he is not a developer( i dont think) and would know if there are any plans on this feature, so asked the community. And this feature has already been requested numerous times so I dont think he needs is issues another request. It merely a suggestion as the Topic Heading suggests and to get feedback from the community as to their thoughts and knowledge on such matters.
I myself can tell you I dont have anywhere near as much knowledge about such features or even product knowledge as much as you do, and I also dont wish to clog up supports time with answering my queries all the time. As you mentioned, it is time consuming and costly. So we ask here.
But I also think it relevant that a company employee would browse the forum to gain customers feedback, issues and queries. After all it is there business and name on the forum. I dont expect them to read everything, but surely they browse Topics and headings to gain some insights.
ps Dijker, thanks for all your help lately, you have been an asset to the community with your prompt responses and help thank you.


You are more than welcome to discuss ideas and suggestions here, and be 100% clear moderators don’t have any more say as to the direction of Athom than any other community member.

Its also worth mentioning that your ‘suggestion’ and argument that Athom should read and comment in the community forum, is with in the community forum and as such Athom are incredibly unlikely to comment upon, (if read).

I can tell you that Athom employees have read some threads, but the simple truth of the matter you are more likely to get hit by a bus than to make a thread have it read and getting a direct response from Athom in the community forums. Informing people (who don’t know this) - is part of what moderators do. Nothing will change the facts.

And if by some chance an Athom employee was to be ‘browse topics’ and see a thread named ‘Backup, Restore and Migrate functions of Homey’ its certain that Athom (and anyone else) will not know that the thread has turned into a discussion about Athoms role in the community forums. - Which is why as moderators we ask that people stay ‘on topic’.

We don’t do this to stop you, if you would like to continue this discussion I suggest that you create a new topic. Any further posts not related to the threads topic will likely be removed.

Here are some amazing ‘Ideas and suggestions’ I think everyone should checkout, contribute to and comment upon.


Completely agree, backup and restore and migration are so important.

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I completely agree that having backup and restore functions should be a must for a mature platform.

But as your suggestion (i almost would call it a demand by the way) is " Athom SHOULD read the community posts" you should start a separate topic for it. This one is about “backup, restore and migrate functions”.

And do you really think that asking direct questions to support cost them more time than reading several hundred posts and keeping up with the forum every day?

You would be right if everyone addresses their simple questions directly to support. But hey, that’s where the forum get’s in the picture. It has a very good search function to find answers to questions that are in general already asked numerous times. The problem is however, many members don’t use it…

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For a workaround / Community solution see:

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Still ridiculous that in all this time, no built in backup/restore has been implemented. If my Homey breaks down, i have to re-do everything…hope that day never comes before they implement it…


This needs to be addressed asap by Athome in my opinion. My Homey Pro is starting to get pretty filled with devices, apps and Flows and if it breaks, it would take a long time to redo but also, I wouldnt really remember all Flows and how I have set them up.

Then use the workaround from @Dijker… That at least saves all your settings and flows to xml so you can read back or even restore a great part.

And how muh devices, apps and flows will that be?

Does it matter? With any reasonable number of devices and flows it’s going to be a PITA to restore manually if for some reason Homey breaks.

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I know ur opinion Robert, was just curious.

As Robert said, does it really matter?

But I would guess around 50-60 flows and around 80 devices so far. Have had my Homey Pro for three weeks so I’m still setting it up day by day between work and family time.
if something would have happen now with my Homey I don’t know if I would have had the time nor the energy to restart again.

But I found out about the community backup web site today so now I’m a little bit “relaxed”. :slight_smile:

Yeah, ur right. Just forget my question.

So some one know if now exist a way to backup and restore?

I what to Chang my Homey to a homey pro.

No, not yet. We can just hope they add that in the upcoming 3.0.

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thank you

If you buy a pro I guess you have two Homey’s.

Depends on the number of zwave and zigbee devices how much work it is.
Let me know if you can restore flows using the backup app

to late.
I send back my Homey, deleting all contents.
Now I wait the new homey Pro (doble memory and powerfull processor).
I hope will work better. sometimes it was blocked.
in any case I have to build all again (flow, app, components)
bad experience


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