Homey Pro Backups (formerly Homey+) subscription

Finaly! Some people will hate it because it’s subscription based, but I rather have a paid backup instead of no backup at all. And if it is indeed only €10,- per year I can live with it. Reinstalling everything due to a hardware failure is way more expensive. Hope this will be availanle a.s.a.p.


I think this is stupid! Will Athom also pay developers who made there product a succes for every download of there app?

On one hand is’t open en community driven, so people spend a lot of time developing great apps, and on the other hand they charge you for extra features.


I see it as a an optional opt in extra or perhaps a “+”.

You have the choice, to Pay $10 a year towards hosting of backups and what ever else. Or not, the side effecting being you instead spend the time reinstalling your network if you upgrade homey or you have a problem.

Its very clearly a Money vs Time equation, that you are more then welcome to choose for yourself.

I also wouldn’t judge it until you have all the facts, for example is there a free period when you buy a new homey like other controllers? (ie. upgrade).


I guess €10 a year for a cloud is reasonable. However, I have my own cloud / backup already in place and would love to be able to use just that. Technically this shouldn’t be hard to implement, however I do fear that Athom is going this path that others have gone before…


$10 euro a year, yes please. This is the cheapest subscription service i have ever seen. And if it offers reasonable services including backup, take my money.
Remember, recurring revenues fees are needed for a company to operate successfully. So long as those fees are not unreasonable, I think this is fair. I moved from Zipato whos backup option is $100 Euro a year.
And in relation to the app developers, personally I think Athom should have a buy option in the app store to help developers out. Then its up to the developers if they wish to sell them, trial periods or give them away for free.
Just my 2 cents.


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Super, u don’t like pay subscription, then buy an ha controller with build in local backup e.g. HC2 or 3 that’s at least €100 more expensive=10 years of Homey+ subscription and perhaps in 10 years Athom or Fibaro won’t exist anymore.

Peeps that complain for a subscription perhaps never rewarded a community developer for his/her hard work.

Bring Homey+ on Athom, and take my money as long as it would spare me two or more days for reincluding all my z-wave devices and fix flows because some stupid mistake I every now and then do (like installing Fibaro app from the store over an Alpha :grimacing:)

EDIT: P.S. At least I hope those hard working community devs would not being asked to pay for Homey +.


+1 great idea!


Let me start by saying I think it’s a good decision by Athom to introduce a subscription model to generate income, glad @Emile let loose the ‘I don’t believe in a subscription model’ mantra he had when he started Athom.

It does raise a concern however that a long promised feature will only be available through such subscription. It makes me wonder what will happen to other promised features such as Homey Security for example.

We know a community developer initiative to develop a backup feature wasn’t received well by Athom (as it now turns out it will interfere with their income!) and you might even say it was counteracted by the fact Athom didn’t want to give out an API key and support the initiative.

I do sincerely hope Athom doesn’t leave thousends of Heimdall users in the dark by deciding Homey Security will be the only way to use Homey in such way and put it behind a payed subscription.

I would rather see Athom introducing a payment model in the app store for apps by community developers than handing out Homey+ subscriptions to community developers. (Let them take 30% in the first year and 15% in the subsequent years an app is published)


If I couldn’t use your app anymore I’ll move on to an open source solution or build something myself. I agree it would be better to generate income for both developers and Homey by paying for apps.


Cannot agree more, perhaps far the best solution and personally I would be happy to pay even for some specific and let’s call them “out of ordinary” apps developed by Athom itself.
At times, I have been vocal about it on Slack and even mentioned such solution on this forum and maybe on the old one, too.

I have edited my post using words I initially had in my head. I trust now you take the right conclusion about what I actually meant to say, Danee.


It’s indeed not that bad asking money for an app, but IMO the paid apps then have to be supported much more and Athom has to look into that…


A couple of days agoi walked through my house… I saw all the removed switches from the wall and looked to Homey and thought “please never go die”… I have i guess more then 400 flows orso and when someting happen with homey it is a lot of work to restore everyting… So i love it to spend 10 euro each year to be sure, when i get a new homey after the old one is die, i don’t have to remake al the flows again…


A subscription could be a good idea. But charging customers, regardless of the amount, for basic (yet critical) functionality such as backup is IMO a bad move. I’ve never heard of any company to walk this road before. If Athom won’t offer local backup my guess is that their revenue will drop due to decrease in sales and the second hand market will explode. This leads to revised subscription charges and maybe even the need for a paid app store. Since the product as we know it today can be seen as somewhat of a beta product where Athom seems to focus more on ”cool but useless” features (Energy as an example), rather than actually fixing known issues, the downward spiral will be set in motion. And that won’t end well.


I don’t mind paying for useful services that simplifies my life… but I think that this idea is only half. Indeed do offer this as a paid easy service, hosted by athom.
But also make it available to host the backup yourself, as an offline solution.
Backup shouldn’t be premium, only the cloud service.


Mmm… Athom: “The sales figures are stagnating”
Oh wait… let’s increase our source of income via subscriptions!

I just want to say I’m very glad to see this. When it comes to paying for stuff there will always be people complaining, but I really don’t care. What I care for is that Athom doesn’t go bankrupt leaving me with an useless and unsupported device.

Hell, if they kept local access and interface, I would have paid to use flow.homey.app!!

So, Athom, yes please! Go ahead and start generating a more sustainable source of income! Though, you could have been thinking a lot earlier about this by splitting Homey in offline /local (free) and online/remote access/syncing (paid).


I also like this approach,
The 1 euro a month per a subscription will not make them rich but afaik just to compensate for the extra cloud storage cost. And maybe their cost per homey are low as backups are small, this is only the first additional added function not for free.

This way they sell a product without the need for a subscription that anyone can test and I have to say that is often how I look for gadgets, I want a basic function without a need for a subscription. Then for fe cloud storage on cams I choose if i want a subscription.

The decision to choose for cloud backups now is imho more about a real simple solution that less techie users can use. No need for a PC or Nas storage and users needing SMB or ftp or … a solution that makes it easy and stable without the risk users expect they have a back-up but will contact Athom support for all kind of issues like faulty Nas configuration or problems with restores.

Waiting for the next Homey+ feature.


…or just a button in the mobile app to download and upload backup files.


First of, they sure aren’t the only ones that put basic functionality in a subscription.
I have to pay 30€/year for my Ring doorbel, otherwise I can only watch live feeds which is totally useless. If someone broke in, I want a recording of that…
Secondly, it’s called Homey+, so I’m pretty confident that the backup functionality is only the first in a list of extras that will be included with the subscription.

Your reasoning that the second hand market will explode is only based on your logic that you don’t want to pay for it, I have no problem at all paying if it’s only 10€/year, that’s peanuts. Hell, I pay 300€/year for Spotify and Netflix!