Automating wallsocket for EV via geofencing?

I’ve got an EV and charging via a normal wallsocket outside my house. I would like to automate the process of arriving home with the car (VW e-golf) and triggering the socket to toggle automatically.

It is just a normal 230v 16a socket, no CEE or Mennekes. Although connected to a sepperate 3-phase group it is currently only connected via one phase. On that phase i’ve a Shelly 1pm installed that measures the consumption and switches the socket on/off.

*maybe in the future I’d switch to 11kW charging but charging granny style does cut it for now.

switching it on/off is the process I would like to automate, it would be awesome to just do this with geofencing via Homey but I’ve never find this accurate. most of the time it doesn’t work, the times it does register anything is not accurate.

So the only thing that currently stands is geofencing.
I’ve looked in a BLE tracker but with a range of 8m I don’t know if it will catch the signal.
Smart pressence is also not very accurate and not really viable for my car.

What are the options?

Not to use geofencing via the Homey Build-In option. There are already several threads available for alternative geofence options, please use the search option.

If you use a Shelly you will have WLAN in the area. With the SmartPresence app you can also activate flows as soon as the smartphone logs into your home WLAN.
If you have a Ubiquiti UniFi Router you can also use the app of the same name.

quit the '‘search function automated reply’. It really gets on my nerves everywhere somebody asks a specific question this is the first line of defense in stead of addressing the tailored advice.

I’ve read the beacon stuff, smart pressence is a joke and not viable for my situation because the car has no wifi. Geofencing on homey is a failure and really a screw up if you are developping a smart home controller. it’s a disgrace.
It is a function that should be working from the getgo and now people are buying BLE beacons to overcome this issue with very little succes.

I’m looking into different options that have not come to my attention, maybe someone who has a similar problem that has found a way.

If i cant find a sollution that I’m not weary of, how can I search in relation to find one in the first place.

I want my socket to turn on when the car is in the area, not when I’m home or my wife. so geofencing should be done someother way because all the geofencing options are not working flawless. not smart pressence, not homeys geofencing.

every topic that I read has problems with it, why spend money on a BLE tracker that probably won’t work.

I’m tired of people like you who are too lazy to use the search to find the geofencing possibilities that I and many other users have already explained in detail in various posts. That the Homey Build-In geofence solution is bad is no secret.

You don’t even have to look up what the difference is between the Beacon App (Beacon!) and the Smart Presence App (Wifi)? You are telling nonsense.

And then you expect help from other people?

By, by…

you are just assuming and being a bigot, really suits you.
bye bye

I have a Tile pro 2018 in the boot of my car, and my Homey is on the first floor in the hallway middle of the house, on top of a cupbord near the ceiling. It does register the car home, but I cannot contest to how quick and accurate it is because i have no real use for it, it was more that I had no other use.

I currently do not have flows attached or logging to see how reliable it actually is, and also the car is more home than not due to Corona measures. When I did log it, at times it had some short gone and back spells, which may be solved by changing timings for checking and/or delays for away signalling.

I am one of the few people who’s just fine with Homey geofencing (as long as battery optimization is off for the Homey app!). It is pretty reliable for me, enough to automate the heating and Neato in a four person hosehold. Similar in accuracy with Tado, which many found way more accurate. I also used smart presence, but is was less reliable because wifi is at times switched off.

I am curious tough? Smartpresence is off the table for a car, but your topic is geofencing, so how would you pinpoint the location of your car otherwise? There’s no LoJack Homey integration AFAIK.

None of the geofencing options are perfect. Not good/fast enough for alarms and stuff like that. But then again, no geofencing is that good in my opinion. If your phone is dead, turned data off, … and I don’t like dragging a tile averywhere I go, not even on my keychain, which I want to stay lean and mean. To me geofencing can never be something anyone can rely on completely until there’s a way to actually detect the person itself, but I’m not sure I’d like that.

Isn’t there some optical way to detect a car that can be rigged to Homey?

Maybe another question, why do you want to turn the socket off when the car is away? Afraid of stealing power? It helps eliminate options that do not suit the needs.

Thanks for the reply and thinking along!

it is nice to hear that a tile is registering from that distance. My Homey is even closer to my car so that is promising.

I’m exploring different ways to ‘geofence’. there must be more ways to know the car is here. A tracker would be the best thing to just put in the car and drive off and the socket shuts down.

I tried to geofence with the current known methodes (except BLE) but thats not working obviously.

I’m not affraid people will steal my power but I don’t want to make it available for them either. my front door is pretty close to the street, I dont have a large frontyard so it is possible for people to snoop some kWh off me when I’m not at home.

I have a spare Shelly and a lot of spare time at the moment so i’m fiddling arround a bit looking for nice ways to improve my home automation.

Maybe there are wifi trackers that I don’t know off that work, or other creative ideas to implement a DIY charging station

As you’ve probably read in the Bluetooth tracker threads, you do need the old 2018model Tile pro, and they are increasingly hard to get. The newer models won’t work unfortunately.

Yes thanks for the heads up :wink: as mentioned I went through the topics. I wont be buying one because the battery is non removable so maybe I’ll turn to aliexpress or something, maybe there are trackers that are compatible with Homey?

Which battery is non replaceable, you mean this one? :wink:

Oh nice! Thought it wasnt possible thanks