Geofencing Bluetooth / Z wave


Some flows are only activated if all members of the family are out.
For that, I use the geofencing functionality of the IFTTT app (it updates a variable)
To be honest, it is not always reliable.

With Homey, would it be possible to do geofencing with Bluetooth ?

Other potential solution : Do you know if a z-wave badge could be detected when it is at home?
I don’t want a badge that requires an action from the user.

Thank you


Hi Chris,

Yes you can use that with Owntracks or use Owntracks Geofences with Homey, this really works great.

I have BT Beacons which I use in combination with Owntracks to open my garage, open my gate, heat up my car, put on the radio when I come down in the morning.

Etc. etc.


Thank you very much for your help.

Have a good day