Athom's Decision for Mobile First and removing of the Desktop Interface/WEB UI in Homey v2.0.0

Ok guys, I must admit I haven’t been faithful to Homey. While I thought it wasn’t in the cards for me, I found new love. Oh, yes! And one more thing, it’s actually a threesome (Node-red, Influxdb and Grafana).
Please don’t judge me. :wink:

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Owwww, the sirens got a hold on you! You heard enchanting music and now you are heading to rocky shores to never to be heard from again?
Or is that a bit to dramatic and do you have a solid marriage of convenience with Homey, and is this some love on the side?

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Yes i am wondering also how long this can go on. I is a pitty if you are not satisfied anymore but it is what it is. Except for some small bugs it is working like charm.
although i am glad to have my flows visible on a bigger screen, because it is giving me more an overview of my flows. So maybe stop complaining.

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I‘m wondering too, how long this discussion will go!? :joy:
I think the problem is that you are all familiar with the Homey Web UI and now it‘s gone. For me I‘m new with Homey and I like the way the Mobile App works. It‘s very intuitiv and for me it‘s a easy way to create flows. But I definitely hope for an Tablet version. I got two ipad mini on the wall waiting to run the Homey app in landscape mode, as it should be.

…Just my two cents…


The longer you keep wondering about it and post it here, the longer it will go on…

I was complaining several times about the missing WEB UI.
About a month ago my Homey crashed and I had to start with a new Homey.
With a new Homey you are forced to go to V2.0.
I was upset end angry. But no choice or stopping with Homey.
I installed the new app on my iPad and started to install Homey again.
I do have about 50 devices and 200 flows.
I had to re-pair and to rewrite all flows again. It took me about 1 week.
Now after that I do have to say that I was happily surprised with the new app and the new way off writing the flows.
I’m not against anymore and even more happy to use the new app.
The only thing I do miss is the total overview of the flows.
But for that I do use the flowviewer and I’m very happy again.


Actually I’m exploring how to complement missing functionality by using external systems.

  • Homey Insights is lacking
    I looked into it and have found a solution using node-red, influxdb & grafana.
  • Support for certain zigbee devices requires a Zigbee core re-write by Athom. This could take Athom months to implement.
    Possible solution is using zigbee2mqtt (requires additional hardware) to complement Homey
  • a new 433Mhz device requires a dedicated app or gateway of a specific brand

These are some of the drawbacks

  • a huge amount of hours/days you have to put into it without a guarantee of success
  • need for additional hardware/software
  • oftentimes soldering/programming skills required
  • no ready-made solutions

Maybe you can do This


Why, he’s happy now… Just as most people are after a few weeks on 2.0 :heart:

I’m not happy, can’t use tags. Lets say its not al hallelujah yet.

? can’t use tags? What app-version are you on?

Indeed i’m happy now :sunglasses: :grinning:

And you can’t use tags? Where?

When i start a new flow and choose firs t card, and want to add the brightness is changed from my sensor.

Like this?

Okay not the way i was used to do it . But it works thx

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Lets get into a positive ‘flow’!

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If you remove desktop and web versions, you MUST write all you software on the smartphone. Only for test user expirience

Glad you found that site yourself. He’s not calling people azijnzeikers…:thinking::innocent: