Asun 650


I have multiple asun switches installed in order to lower the sunscreens. This is normally done automatically. But sometimes they fail to open. What i allready figured out is that i perform a automatic reboot of Homey on wednesday and saturday. And they miss the command to open on thursday and sunday. So there seems to be something wrong when i reboot homey. Can someone help?

HOmey somes up with message “timed out 30000ms”

If this is similar to Somfy, then Homey does not see if the screens are manipulated by the remote. If that is the case then it can happen that Homey thinks screens are already open and ignore the commands.

Assuming Asun has a middle (stop) button and you did not assign a middle position to that button: What I do is have Homey issue the stop command about 40 seconds after the up or down command (more than it takes to move the screen). That way Homey will always send up or down when I want it to.

Pls share your flow

@ dijker the problem is not flow related but device related. When they dont open up via flow they cant be opened up manually via homey devices.

@Edwin_D will try that eventhough it works again. Seems every time at 10:15 it starts working again

If the status in Homey is shown as something other than the direction it won’t go in, than it is indeed another problem.

I know but this explains already something.
Afaik The issue with the ASUN-650 is there is no status still on the signal. The relay is normal open on both contacts.
Sending a ON switched to up for max 120 seconds. If you send the same signal within that time the relay switches off.
Same for the OFF signal to the other contact.

After a restart of Homey it doesn’t know the current state up or down.

Edit, reacting on wrong flow… that’s not from the op and a different type of device. Just ignore.

This is one of the Flow I use. I just added the Still status with time delay of 40 sec within this flow. Lets see how things go.