Ask registryCapabilityLister separately per device


I would like a Capability Listener that works for one device individually and not for the whole driver.

I’ve already given every preparation an ID.

They are also all virtual devices so no hassle with connecting needed.

Have also looked at other topics, but there are none with this problem yet.

I would like a code example of a registryCapabilityListener.

Best regards,
Jens De Smet :grinning: .


Please stop spamming the same message in several topics and PMing me with a link to your post, that’s not how this forum works and it is not appreciated!

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Also, the Homey channel on Slack is a better medium for Homey programming questions. That is where app developers can easily find each other. The forum should be more about using apps than creating them i.m.o. and Slack will probably get you the answers you need quicker.