Aranet connection lost for 10' and 10"" (Solution is Blue app v 1.3.6)


I have bought a Aranet4 27EAB, to measure CO2 in my room(s). Have chosen this one, for I think it’s a quality device and there was a Homey app available (in this case even 2!).

The Aranet app works like a charm. I have added the device via the Blue Aranet app with Homey. Looks OK. However….

Homey looses connection with the device (which I put 30cm from Homey) and exactly 10 minutes and 10 seconds later, connection is reastablished. Haven’t found out of there is regular predictive connection loss yet. So far no regularity.

Is this ‘works as designed’? What is it that connection cannot remain continuously? Any settings that I should change? Maybe a dipswitch in the device?

Hope you can help me here! HAve mailed the owner of the app (, but my mail cannot be delivered (yet)

By the way, does anyone know anything about the “Orange Aranet” app for Homey? Why these tow options

Thanks upfront! Appreciate your response and enjoy your day!


I’d say give the ‘orange’ app a go, it’s created by an independent dev

@Peter_Kawa thx for responding. I’ve tried both apps. The ‘blue app’ is not maintained for the last months, actually created in June 23, last update in August 23. The Orange one has more maintenance releases up until 2024. That’s why I choose the Orange app.

I hav a slight clue about the 10 extra seconds. The refreshrate of the device is 1 minute. Maybe it takes 1 second to try to refresh/reestablish connection. If you do this 10 times, it will take 10 minutes and 10 seconds.

This does not solve my issue by the way :frowning:

That’s not true. The “blue” app was updated in February:


Even if nothing in the info indicates your problem, it may be worth trying the test version. You can easily switch back to the stable version.

Hi @DirkG you are right. I mixed them up. I use the Blue app at this moment. v1.3.3. Didn’t realize that, so I will look how to install the latest (test) version! Thx!

OK, latest version installed, to be sure deleted and added the aranet4 and now… let’s wait …

Since I updated the app to the latest Test version (3 hrs ago) , it all works like a charm!

I will wait until tomorrow. If there has no reported connection loss, I am confident that this latest version is a solution for the connection issues I had!

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It’s not a Windows system. Apps don’t need maintenance or updates every month to still be a fine app?
F.e. I used the Marantz app, last update was 5y ago, and it worked very fine. Until my amp died on me, but that was caused by bad amp design.

Hey @Peter_Kawa understand that. Just for the record: I meant bugfixing, applying changes, improvements etc.

Thx anyway for responding! Appreciate it.

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So the latest version (marked as Test, 1.3.6) from the ‘Blue’ app in the Homey app store did the trick.

No more disconnections since!!

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