Aqua Temp pool heater

When not heating it has consumption on 23v while I’m heating it consumes 2kwh. The values come from the pump voltage and amp which are included in the API response.

See what you mean and i made a mistake and missed that entirely.
Adding now but also want to see what else i can get from the API so a new test will be available quite soon.

Anymore requests add them here. Will also update the thermostat so we can go higher than 35 in the flows. Also my bad for not testing this.

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New test version for input field as email and email type also added power_measure to get the values to show in energy tab. Don´t want to remove the kWh right now even thou this is the same as the power measure right now. Wife made flows on this already and want´s to keep the.


Any chance to get this also for Homey Beta? Would be great!

Welcome. Will have a look what is required to use in beta.

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Looked into this and i have to be a verified developer which costs me 1100 SEK. So sadly no.


Anyone else have their pump energy data? My pump for the floor to the pool draws 700w and i have it on constantly. How do you guys handle this?

What an awesome app. Much better than the AquaTemp app in the phone.

But I have one challenge. I happen to have two different pools attached to my AquaTemp account but only one of them shows when I’m trying to add it to Homey. Any idea why? Any idea how I can add both pools?

Didn’t implement for more than 1 since i didn’t think people had more than 1 ;). Will try to get some time to include that.

A reasonable assumption :grinning:
It would be highly appreciated another one could be added! :pray: