Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.6.0)

I’ve add the e1 roller shade but I can’t control it in homey even a flow don’t work

Manually calibration done

I can’t control them ? I’ve add it but nothing happened

Edit after re add and re calibrate it works

I have three aqara air quality.
Every few days one of device stop working, show bad data and not send data tu Homey.
I push button, and all working again.
Please resolve problem.

Search for TVOC firmware upgrade on this forum - it’s related to the firmware of the device itself, not Homey nor this app

Hey all,
I have a question. I paired an Aqara smart plug with this app, but now my Ikea remotes automagically start turning the aqara smart plug on and off. How can I stop this from happening? After some googling I found that the workaround for a different home automation system was to put either the aqara plug or the ikea remote in a different zigbee group.

Homey’s Zigbee implementation doesn’t have a user interface to remove devices from groups.

The issue seems to be caused by the IKEA remote (sending all messages to a particular group by default) and not so much the Aqara device, and this suggests that if you install the latest firmware on the IKEA remote the issue may be resolved (but if you use your remotes to also control other IKEA devices you may lose that functionality).

You can also try and contact the maker of the IKEA app, Athom, and hope that they understand the issue and implement a similar solution as what zigbee2mqtt did.

Hello, a side question about the vibration sensor, yours is working and you can read tilt values?


I have a question regarding the E1 Roller shade driver. I have been able to add and control this device so that’s great, but i’m not able to stop the curtain moving when i click a button. In the then part of the flow there is only a card to move the curtain to a given position but not to stop the driver running. I’ve tried to set the postion in the card to the #position tag. This didn’t work because the value of the #position is the value where the driver is moving to not the current postion of the driver (my mistake).

Is there a way to stop the driver running and if not is this a feature that will be available in future?


Did you calibrate the driver, as described in the manual, so that it knows it’s end stops? Based on your description it feels you didn’t…

At this moment I don’t see a use case to send a stop command from a flow. I could be that I am incomplete in the use cases…

Ofcourse i did calibrate the driver. The curtain stop at the desired spots without homey. But sometimes I want to lower the curtain so that the sun doesn’t shine in my i eyes. I this case I start lowering the curtain until the sun is hidden and then I want to stop driver so I have still daylight in my room. When connected to the aqara cloud unit this functionality is default. Push the button driver starts spinning. Push the button the driver stops. Push the button the driver start spinning the other way around. I hope this gives some insight in the use case. I just want the option to manually control how ‘openess’ of my curtain.

Hello, Thanks, I’ll try :slight_smile:

Hi, when could we expect the support for AQARA Radiator Thermostat E1? Thx

No timelines given. See this post for the latest information.

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No pressure Ted, but if you time for Radiator Thermostat - I’ll be another happy user.


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Thank you for your work, looking forward to Radiator Thermostat E1 :clap:

I have the same problem. My plugs dont report back any power consumtion. They are new and are stuck on 0. Did you solve it?


Got the same problem

I hope it get fixed soon. I just disabled the push notification.

Hi ted,

Any news about this? Still having evvery 2/3 hours messag battery full en empty.

I want to ask some thing… the aqara wall switch has energy usage but is not visible in homey energy.

Could you make this possible?

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Yannick Eeckelaert

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It’s an aqara D1 with neutral. Btw

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Yannick Eeckelaert