Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)

Hi Everyone,

I am currently using amongst others several Xiaomi temperature sensors to log the behavior of my WTW unit. Just noted that two sensors still have the same value as two days ago. Which is also indicated when I go to the specific devices.

I rebooted the Homey and I think the Zigbee mesh should be fine (See screenshot)

Only the temperature sensors are battery powered, the rest 220V.

What can I do to get the sensors up and running again and make more reliable? Any tips?
I am logging 24/7 each 5 minutes all TS.

Thanks in advance, Jan

How many Zigbee devices do you have? Does the list end at the bottom?
I am not sure if your mesh functions correctly, although you have plenty of routers. But all are connected directly to Homey so you are reaching the max of 20 directly connected devices.

Nr 13 (whats in a number) seems not to be connected correctly. You might wanna restart that one (leave the battery oit for a whilr and out it back in) or re-pair it if that does not help…

Hi Henk,

Thanks for your quick reply. This is the total list. My understanding was a Max of 15 battery powered devices (I.e. No mesh contributing devices). Furthermore I understood that I can do nothing to influence the mesh (except rebooting).

I will get the battery out of 13 and Will see if that helps.

Best regards, Jan

No, the max is 20 devices directly in total…
If the battery pulling (:slight_smile:) does not help, try to repair the sensor.

Check the battery. If voltage less than 3 volt, replace with a fresh one. Maybe hou have to re-pair (without deleting first). You will get a duplicate error message, and the sensor will be online again (I hope)

Hello, will there be a support for the aqara g2h webcam?



They make Zigbee Camera’s now? :scream: (hint: they don’t, it isn’t a zigbee device, so you are asking this in the wrong tread).

Actually, it is.
It is a WiFi camera, but also a Zigbee gateway to which you can connect several other Xiaomi/Aqara Zigbee devices. You can even connect Bluetooth devices like Flowercares…

I suppose that is meant here.

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Then it is still the wrong app thread, as there is a Xiaomi gateway app, which might already support this gateway if it works the same as normal gateways. :grin:

I know, but since it is an Aqara cam/gateway I can very much understand the question. So let’s give him some credit… :slightly_smiling_face:

I do not think the device is added by either apps. If someone else has other info, please let @Philipp_Karl know…


thanks @Henk_Renting

Hi Ted,
for different reason i upgrade to 5.0.0-rc18 firmware for my homey pro and like you know Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home app is not compatible with new zigbee core.
I use only 3 aqara temperature and humidity with my system, so is not so urgent but you can tell me if and when you consider to upgrade your app for new core?

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Hi @MarcoZ

Like I mentioned in an earlier update (Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.8.0)), it is not a matter of if I will update but when the update will be available.

The update of this app will require quite some work (easily 20-30 hours, based on current devices and features), which I couldn’t complete before the holiday break.

I do expect to be able to release a first update around the end of August…


Wow, that ìs a lot of time!

I already donated to Ted. This much work has to be rewarded, as far as I’m considered… Especially when you look at how much we use this app. If you spend money on Aqara devices, spend some money to the developers too.

Who’s following with a donation?


thanks for your fast and accurate reply.

have a great holiday :wink:

Dear Ted, thank you for all your efforts and your valuable time. We are all very grateful. I also urge everybody to support the developers, who provided us with such great apps!

Hi Ton,
Thank you for the tip. Just did this ‘procedure’ with both sensors (being offline for 4 days) and the are measuring again.
Best regards, Jan

Make it somkinda croudfunding for Ted . Give this man his donation. To be honest, without these great guys who write the apps homey would be much les interesting


Just donated again. Great work @TedTolboom!


All so done yesterday, buy a beer Ted, or more on your hollyday :slight_smile: