Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

This would be nice wouldn’t it?
Asuming that on a 3 button oppo switch there are 6 triggers (a on and a off trigger for each button)

If that is the case I’m buying a couple :smiley:

It’s a 6-button switch, not a 3-button switch, so yup, should be all 6.

And yeah, if this can be implemented without the weird pairing with smart bulbs, I’m going to order a couple switches ASAP.

3 click per button would be nice - but 1 click per button would be enough for me. I have the 4 botton and just waiting for the on/off and dimmer buttons. Maybe you could release the 1 click and later For the 3 click solution - if possible.


I’ve just uploaded v0.8.0 to the app store for approval, with below change log:

No, I didn’t succeed in getting a stable Aqara Opple operation included into this release.


@TedTolboom for president! :beers:

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Loving the light sensor support!

One thing that would be beneficial is to add a configurable blind time (or only accept Lux changes larger than X Lux) in advanced settings. Right now it pushes the Lux every second or so to homey and if one wants to use any “Luminance changed” in a flow it will cause quite the overhead and most likely also a automatic disabling of that flow.

please do implement the one click per button functionality!

if there is an fix for 3click / hold and release than another update is very welcome :smiley:

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It should only update once every minute (or longer).
Changing the setting in advanced settings requires a timing coordination with waking up the device to prevent that the new reporting configuration times out… very low success rate.

It seems that I have a very special light sensor then (GZCGQ01LM) as it updates every single second. Not something I want to have for any kind of flow tbh, maybe not even in general as I can imagine it takes up valuable resources)

What is the time after inclusion?
For the occupancy sensor, there is also a time of 12 hours where the sensor behaves differently the after that period.

Anyway, I’ll check later today.

Added 10:44 today :). Thanks, keep me posted please.

Pressure offset is working like a charm on the 10th floor :+1:

Thanks !!

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As a reply to the “12 hour” period; it is still acting the same way, updating Lux every second or so.

Hi @TedTolboom !!!

I am using NODERED and a temperature and humidity sensor (square).

The behavior is correct, it shows temperature, humidity …

The problem comes if Homey restarts. The sensor appears in homey and updates the values.

But it does not do it in NODERED. If I enter the MQTT Hub application and activate and deactivate the sensor at that time it starts sending data to the NODERED interface.

Do you have knowledge of this problem?

Thanks !!!

No I don’t… I didn’t find time to play around with NodeRED before.

Only option I can imaging is star the Aqara app, with quite some sensors requires more time to initialize then MQTT; therefore MQTT marks the sensors as offline.

You could try to restart the MQTT app (by a flow) around 30 minutes after the reboot.

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Hi @TedTolboom

I appreciate the help. I got through a flow, restart the MQTT server.

Thank you!!!

Could anyone tell me if there is a solution for the reset timer of the motion sensor?
I understand that the refresh time is long to preserve the battery. However,
i would like to have my lights activate automatically between sunset and sunrise when i walk
through the hall (nightly toilet visit - i have IKEA tradfri all over the house).

However, i dont want want my lights to stay active as long as the sensor is active.
I can set the light to be on for lets say 60 seconds after sensor triggering, but the sensor itself stays ‘‘active’’ for quite long. is there any soluion to reset the status to no movement or something like that?

ideally i would walk through the hallway, lights go on. motion sensor resets after approx 20 seconds and light stays on for approx 60 seconds. if i walk back, light is off, and would trigger on again.

Anyone has some advice for me on this?

The Xiaomi sensors have a default blind time of 60 seconds, I think. There is a hack (see this comment) that will cut that down to 5 seconds. Instead of soldering, you can also use a soft(-ish) pencil to make the connection that is required for the hack, and you can set the lower blind time in the advanced settings of the Xiaomi app, I believe.


Aqara opple. Is this some help for the problem?

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Hey guys,
Any idea re: this?