Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

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To comment on the questions raised in this topic.

Like @robertklep mentioned, I am developing this app in my spare time, which with a fulltime job and family will be fluctuating throughout the year.

In addition, I don’t control the information webshops add to their websites on which Aqara devices are supported by Homey (my app); there is only one reference and that is the information in Homey’s app store.

I am engaging with Aqara directly to provide support for new devices as early as possible, based on provided documentation. Unfortunately this is not yet working effectively.

To illustrate this: Adding the H1 wireless double switch bluntly to Homey will result in the device taking over control over any nearby Zigbee device with onoff capability. You can try this at your own risk.

Finding the option to prevent this, within the limitations of Homey’s Zigbee implementation and add robust support for a device, without generating issues for the ~20k users of this app, is the time consuming part of the work. In this case, this issue has been resolved and I am finalizing the implementation of this driver; expected to release somewhere next week to the app store.

On the question how people can contribute?
Well if you appreciate the effort being put into the app and you want to support future development, you’re more than welcome to press the tiny donate link at the far bottom side of the app’s app store page.
Direct code contributions are also welcome, but please keep in mind that considering the size of the user base, I will need to validate the code myself before releasing contributions to the app store.

Hope this clarifies the different questions, if not, let me know.



Hi @TedTolboom thank you very much for your reply. Your effort is much appreciated! The donation will be coming your way.

Yes, of you use the app. Donate…

thank you for responding

Do I need to have an Aqara Hub in order to communicate with Homey or the hub is not required and I can add the modules directly with Homey?

You don’t need an Aqara Hub, you can connect the supported devices directly with Homey.
When using Zigbee devices with Homey in general, please note the following:

I’ve just released v1.3.2 of the app to the app store, with the following changelog:


  • Add support for the Aqara H1 Wireless Double switch.

v1.3.2 is waiting for Athom’s approval, but can already be found as test release at: Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee | Homey


Could you please add support for D1 single and double rocker wall switch? New versions look like changed their switch arrangement.

The Aqara D1 wall switches are already supported; or am I missing something?

v1.3.0 have them supported at my place😉

Hi @TedTolboom thx H1 wireless duble switch? And single and duble H1 wall switch (L) same supported?

Still need to do some magic for those… but in the works

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Can this model be supported in the app? I think it’s quite popular but I can’t find it in the devices list.

Are you sure it’s a Zigbee device? It looks a lot like this device, which is BLE, not Zigbee.

Yep, this is a Bluetooth device. Is there any other app that can support this?

Not that I’m aware of. People have been asking for support for this device for a while now but it never materialized into an actual app.

You can ask GitHub - nklerk/nl.nielsdeklerk.XiaomiYeelightCandela: Homey App for Xiaomi Yeelight Candela BLE Lights. if this device can be added.

And / or send some beers to Leendert

Or by using the official App Request topic