Aqara waardes instellen

Ik wil graag een flow maken met de volgende waardes
Als mijn aqara thermo/hygrometer boven een bepaalde waarde komt schakel ventilatie aan.
Komt hij onder een bepaalde waarde schakel ventilatie uit
Kan dat ingesteld worden voor zowel temperatuur als luchtvochtigheid?
Momenteel schakelt de homey alleen in en uit als de waardes veranderen…
Hopelijk kan iemand mij helpen.


Just noticed this isn’t in the Dutch section… so for all the non-dutchies…

I’m working on a similar setup but don’t have the sensors yet, I have been thinking about how to flow this though and I feel the following should be a good start.


Perhaps you can add a second card checking if the ventilation isn’t active already in the “And…” section.
In the “Then…” section you switch on the ventilation.

Create a second flow that checks for the temperature dropping below a certain value and you should have a working system.


At the THEN card you make a card to start the ventilation and at the same spot you make a card with stop ventilation. This last card you drag to the bottom of THEN. It will change that way into ELSE

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Awesome! Didn’t know about the dragging… learned something new today, now I can go and have weekend :smile:

Wouldn’t the else introduce an almost continuous switch on on and off though? In this case with a threshold of 21 degrees:
At 21.1 degrees vent goes on,
cools down to 21 degrees and switches off
temp goes back up to 21.1 and the vent goes back on again.

With two separate flows (off at 20 degrees and on at 21 for instance) there would be a little more time between the ventilation going on and off.

Then again, I guess starting a countdown timer in the Then/Else sections and ignoring the whole flow if the countdown hasn’t reached 0 yet would work around that problem as well… (So many options!)

I do have a lot off flows controlling my ventilator of the garage.
depending on humidity and temperature inside and external.
Hereby an example flow:

Thanks doe you’r help. It’s werking!