Aqara motion sensor end of motion alarm

Hi All,

I have a couple of Aqara motion sensors to switch my lights. I have put the cool down period on 60 seconds. I notice that it seems to always switch to no motion alarms after 60 seconds, so my question is the following:

  1. Does 60 seconds cooldown period mean 60 seconds no movement or
  2. When it sees motion it stops working for 60 seconds until motion alarm goes off again. And then it starts measuring again.

I now have my flows base on nr.1, but I have a feeling it should be nr.2, anyone have experience with this?

I believe it’s the second. It’s blind for 60 seconds

Yes, it’s the second. A bit of a pain in some specific instances.

you can hack the sensor by soldering a wire in it that makes an internal connection on the PCB.
He then responds again after 5 seconds instead of 60.
Aqara hack

I’ve done it with a HB pencil, works just as goes but a lot saver for some😉

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That’s indeed annoying, I didn’t realize 60 seconds is the minimum. 5 seconds indeed would be better for this instance…

You only need to connect those? No firmware upgrade or something. Connect this and it works?

Edit: I see in homey there’s the option ‘hacked sensor’. That’s it? Connect the 2 contacts and select ‘hacked sensor’?

Yes sir

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