Aqara D1 Double Switch (No neutral)

I’ve installed an Aqara D1 double gang switch. When pairing with my Homey pro, both buttons are paired. However only Left button is controlled by Homey app. Right button does not respond to the app. Manually controlling the right button works. Does anyone have the same issue? I am using Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee app to pair the switch. Thanks for your advices.

PS: I’ve installed many Aqara 3 gang D1 switches, but had no problem so far.

I tried another double rocker, but has the same issue. I tried to switch the left and right connections, but still right button is controlled not by the app, but by manual pressing. Seems there might be some problem with the app or the button firmware upgraded, or maybe something else.
One wiered thing is that:
For triple gang the connection is L, L1, L2, and L3 when read from the left.
For double gang the connection is L2, L1, and L. And the app recognize the left button as right, and the right button as left.