Aqara B1 curtain motor slower control help!

I just got the Aqara B1 motor in hope it would be more silent than om motor.
I want it to open very slowly over the corse of an hour instead of in a few seconds in order to get the noise down as much as possible.
The idea is to wake up by the sun instead of the motor noise.

Any help I can get is very much appreciated since I have no idea on how to do this… :frowning:

Does the Aqara app show a slider / percentage that corresponds to the opening gap of the curtains? If that is the case, make a flow that sets this percentage over time. Either by setting a duration in the THEN column where you set the target percentage (for totally open). Or use the Transitions Homey app (search for details). Set both with a long duration and small step sizes.

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Thank you, I had totally missed the transitions app! Awesome!