[APP] Swedish Weather Forecast

A new test version is now out, sadly all pollen functionality had to be removed since the API’s has been blocked for use in Homey.

Missing Norwegian language should now be in place.

Hi there @Tim2, sorry for the late answer.
You can create a new device for the same location and set a separate time for prognose, using a future time with that card will then give you a prediction.

Hi, I am getting a weird outcome in my flow for a rainy day like today.
Is it I, the app, or Homey doing something weird here?

Hi there. Just tested this myself and it works as expected here. Are you sure you do not have several SMHI devices and you picked one in the flow that is set to a prediction time, eg future?

No nothing like that, correct device was chosen, SMHI weather, and as you can see the forecast is for around 12:00, the same day and time as I posted this. Never had this issue before. Very peculiar.

Hi @johan_bendz ,
Still getting issues with both my flows and the weather situation.
Last issue I “fixed” by also checking for precipitation situation, and but now the issue arrised again.
The weather situation is Variable Cloudiness and that is one of the flow cards, but that returns false for some reason.
Maybe there is an issue between what Weather Situation and Weather are linked to?
Should be the same imo.

EDIT: Today it became more clear, weather situation vs weather, not the same.

Is this supposed to be like this?