[APP] Swedish Weather Forecast

Swedish Weather Forecast

This app adds support for SMHI Weather Data in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Included devices/features:

  • 0-36 hours of Weather Forecast based on Homey geolocation.

Weather Forecast Data from SMHI - in English

Settings: Select a point in time for forecasts (hours ahead).



Placeholder for future updates.

Maybe I suck at reading, but from where does the app take its data?

Edit: I noticed a headline in the app saying SMHI so I guess that’s the place. Anyway, might be a thing to add into the description? :slight_smile:

Thx @Camelen for your feedback, added info about SMHI in the information above. :+1:

This is great, thank you @johan_bendz! The simplest way of having my lawnmower stay charging if rain is expected within the next 2 hours. However, I can’t get it to trigger. Is this the correct trigger for the and card?


Hi @aste and thanks for your kind words! It’s a bug in the condition card(s)… I have just finished a fix for that, will upload to App store later this evening.

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Updated to 0.3.2 yesterday. But the flow above didn’t trigger.

Is there anything more I have to do, like recreating the flow, to make the trigger and condition to come true?

Hi again @aste . Found another bug, new version on its way…

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Great app! Thanks!

If I want to se if there is a chance of percipitation within the next 8 hours, I need to add one device for each hour to collect any probability of rain in that time span?

Nice app!
I tried to install two instances of it, and it sems to work. One for my home, and one for our vacation house.
Can see that it is possible to have it read from Homey location, and that is good for home, and point out Long/Lat. Great aswell.
Just wonder what is the best way to see Long/Lat for a specific location? And there are several different formats in typing that in. Looked at hitta.se, and there you can point out a place and show coordinates.
They have at least three ways. WGS84 DD, WGS84 DMS, WGS84 DDM. Any of those? Or any other ideas to get it?

Hi Daniel.
Sorry to say that’s the only solution for now, I will look inte the ability to add that kind if feature to the app.

// Johan

Hi Stefan and thanks! :slight_smile:

Based on the data from hitta.se you should enter the data found in the section “WGS84 DD (lat, long)”. Try using only four decimals if you have issues using that info.

// Johan

Hu Johan.
It was those values, works perfect. I compare by looking on SMHI site an it seems to be correct weather values.
Now I get another problem.
I have now two “Weather-devices”. One pointing at my home, default settings (use Homeys location) and one other pointing at our summerhouse, with coordinates. When I point out the coordinates it updates the weather in the device, and there are different in the two devices, according to their positions. But after a while, looking in them, the weather is the same in them. And it is the weather from Homeys position. If I then go in the summer house device, change one digit in coordinates and then change back to the correct, it updates the device with the correct weather and again I have weather from the two locations. But after a while, when it updates the weather is the same in the two devices again.

Hi again Stefan.
Can be, I have an alpha version published if you want to test… If so, send me a pm with your Homey ID/email info.
Are you part of the Homey Homies facebook group? If so you can also contact me there.

// Johan

I have now tested the Alpha-version, and there it works fine!
So, thanks Johan, nice to see that this will work in future versions.

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Great app, I love it!
Is it possible to get Scandinavian language on this app?

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@johan_bendz do you have a plan on when to publish the beta version as stable? I’m currently not using the beta, but am very much looking forward to the fix for the condition-change trigger.

Hi Tokun and sorry for the late answer.

Athom does not support any Scandinavian translation (so far) so I have no easy way to do that. I have Swedish translation already in place and consider releasing a secondary app with Swedish language only, an other alternative is to add the choice of language to the app… but this is very much against Athoms recomendations for us Homey developers.

Under consideration… would be the short answer :wink:

// Johan

Hi Hihaj.

Sure, I see no reason not to publish it as stable (I have not recieved any complains or considerations since last release). Will have a look at it this weekend.

// Johan


Hi Johan,

Great app, I use it to get the day’s forecast read out every morning :grinning:

I can see the locale files on GitHub, would you be interested in a Norwegian translation?
Please let me know and I’d be happy to do it!