[APP][Pro] Swedish Trafikverket weather

Weather from Swedish Trafikverkets weather stations

App Store Page: Swedish Trafikverket weather App for Homey | Homey


Get accurate weather information from any of Swedish Trafikverkets many road weather stations around Sweden. View camera images from road weather stations to see traffic situation and road conditions.

How to find my weather station

When adding a weather station device to your Homey you can either allow the app to show available stations within 20 kilometers from the location of your Homey, or you can search for a station by name.

To find available stations and their names you can use Trafikverkets website.

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Otroligt cool app. Mycket användbar.

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Jag lyckas inte komma förbi söksidan, oavsett vad jag skriver händer inget och Nästa-knappen förbli grå.

Jag bor mer än 2 mil från närmaste station, men skall det påverka? Stationer jag vill lägga till är ”Hamnäs” och ”Gruvberget”

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Svenska (Swedish)

When I search for any of those they show up as stations I can add.
You can try and send me a manual diagnostic report. It is done from the app’s page in Homey.

I restarted my Homey, and now I could add the stations - great

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