[APP][Pro] Polisnytt / Swedish Police News

This is an app that can subscribe to events posted from the Swedish police.

  • Install the app
  • Add a new Polisnytt API Device
  • Make sure to set one or more locations in the settings for the device

Currently there is only one trigger card (An event occured) but let me know if there is something you’re missing except for the actual type-o (occured → ocurred). I’ll fix that in a future release.

Note that all events that comes from this API is in swedish.

Link to the app: Polisnytt App för Homey | Homey

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Fun! I will try it out.

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There, got a first notifcation!

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For every event there’s a link to a one pager more detailed text.
Would it be possible to add either the link to polisnytt.se/happening or the text body as a separate variable for easy access?

Yeah, I can get you the full URL to the article page as a token if you want. Unfortunately they don’t provide the full body in the API. It might be possible to scrape the page though for that info but that can be a little shaky. Here is how the API response looks like:

Yes, it would be good to have full link in a URL tag.

Also wonder if a ‘Tap to copy link’ on the notification itself (much like Chrome is able to do) could work, as a link text in e.g push notification isn’t that useful.

Unfortunately there is no support for adding any actions to the push notifications since that’s a part of Homeys architecture

Not yet, but let’s hope actionable notifications is part of the roadmap. :yum:

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Is there a limitation of number of characters in summary “Polisens ledningscentral har dirigerat en polisbil till trafikplats Gubbängen för att utföra en fordons- och f”
missing last word “förarkontroll.”

Hmm, yeah unfortunately this seems to be the response we get from their API. In other words, not much I can do about it

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@To_Lou, On the latest version I’ve added some new tokens: URL, Location, Latitude and Longitude.

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