[APP] Sonos - A Better Way to Listen

If I understand you correctly, maybe manually check for updates works?

Not all devices is possible to update.

Sonos S1 can’t be upgraded to Sonos S2

After reading this post I have disconnect my S1 speaker and now I can control my Sonos (s2) devices again.

It looks like when using s1/s2 together that s1 speakers get the priority of control. (which I don’t want)

Unfortunately this resolved the issue for 1 day. I have still issues even when S1 speaker is offline.
Very annoying.

Hello All,

Can I ask if there is an option to clear the Sonos Queue of a speaker in Homey Flows/Advanced Flows?

I would like to clear the Queue of my speakers after a period of playback being stopped.

That way, when I launch the speaker again. I do not have the original songs in the playlist playing along with the new Playlist I select at next playback/flow.


Hi all,

In my case, it seems that the timeout issues are gone.
Not sure if this is what caused it, but shortly after creating the first advanced flow with the Sonos app everything works fine again. Almost a week now!

Does anyone recognize this?

Up to this point it works fine again. :crossed_fingers:

Although I would like to know what happend and what have been fixed…