[APP][Pro] Xiaomi mi flora sensor/ropot app

Can you send a log? Maybe i can see something strange.


Nothing strange found…


I did a reboot of Homey.

Then the all the Flora Sensors push an update to Homey within minutes, and everything seems fine.

But i guess this will stop working again, after a couple of days… :frowning:

From my MacBook i see two devices:

UUID: 24EA8C68-45BD-4012-80BF-8664A899E3A6 Named: Flower care
UUID: C0867D00-666A-46CD-ABBE-2D0AFDF6B4AA Named: Flower care

Sometimes i see “Dial TEST” name for this first one 24EA…

I’ve just released a new alpha version of the app: com.mi.flora. Release notes:

v2.0.9 - 01.10.18 (alpha)

  • resolved issue: https://github.com/koktaildotcom/homey-mi-flora/issues/45 (Add a trigger card: Device is out of range)
  • add homeyCommunityTopicId for linking to new community forum
  • add html report for sending status report as email
  • improve error handling and prevent un-disconnected devices

v2.0.10 - 01.10.18 (alpha)

  • add missing dependencies

v2.0.11 - 01.10.18 (alpha)

  • add missing dependencies

v2.0.12 - 01.10.18 (alpha)

  • improve settings page
  • verbose forced disconnect from BLE after error`
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@Marius_Arnesen @OmIkRoNiXz will you send me your email-address that you use to connect to homey? Then i’ll add you to the alpha list (that way you can install that version)

I’ve made some improvements by not storing the ble peripheral. Hopefully that will resolve the issue you are having.

There is a new flowcard as well: sensor_timeout, that will show the reason of not connection to the BLE.



Thanks in advance!

I’ve added you to the list!

You are posting your email to the topic, not as a private message. Can imagine you don’t want that…


Nice it works now!


Hi everyone,

I currently have 1 sensor (other one is being shipped) but I am struggling to keep the plant above 350 points of fertilization. For example, I watered my plant on sunday with liquid fertilizer. When finished I was over 2000 points. Now 2 days later it is at 333 points…

Anyone else have/had the same experience? If so, what can I do differently?

Any feedback on the new Alpha release? Does it run more stable?

No problems for ~3days

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Working stable :slight_smile:

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I’ve just published to the store:

v2.0.13 - 20.10.18

  • filter the existing devices out of the device list on pairing
  • add readable time format to HTML report


First of all I would like to thank you, Koktail for working on this. It’s one of the reasons I recently bought the Homey. I have 16 flower sensors and they are working great but it doesn’t seem to filter out devices it already paired when scanning for new devices (I’m running v2.0.12). I just saw you uploaded a v2.0.13 which seems to fix that issue.

Is there a delay from you uploading a new version until it appears in the store because it only shows v2.0.12 as the latest version.

Also, is there a way I can click on a device/sensor in Homey and see what mac address it has? That would make identifying the sensors easier if using an app such as BLE scanner or similar.


Hey Spantobi, Thanks for your post. Glad to hear you’r happy with the mi flora app.
I’ve released 2.0.13 and even 2.0.14 to alpha and beta indeed. This will resolve the issue of the missing filter in the pairing screen.

The version 2.0.14 is currenty waiting for approval by Athom. This process can take some time and is not clear when this will be finished. If the app is approved, i can push the new version to the store.

That is a nice improvement, thanks for sharing! I’ve added the issue (https://github.com/koktaildotcom/homey-mi-flora/issues/57) into github.

I’ve just released v2.0.14 to the store. This will replace the last beta release:

v2.0.14 - 20.10.24

  • throw error and stop loading if no devices can be found

I’ve just released v2.0.15 to the store.

v2.0.15 - 11.11.18

  • add version number app for logging
  • improve check on available settings
  • make html rapport generating optional
  • add uuid to device settings for flora sensor

I’ve just published to the store:

v2.0.16 - 11.11.2018

resolved ManagerSettings get exception
improve handling exceptions
limit timeout by 5 seconds
use a different strategy based on homey version

v2.0.17 - 06.12.2018

  • add BLE permission into manifest