[APP][Pro] Weather from Yr.no

Having the same issue. Did you ever resolve this and get the app working?

Yes, after adding the add you simply need to add a new device and choose Yr, and then it creates a virtual device :wink:

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Hi Bjørn.

Not sure if somethings is wrong at my end. But i cannot find Weather is … for sunny conditions (sunny, chance of sun etc) on the AND card. Only weather conditions for rain, thunder, sleet etc.
Are theses statuses in fact missing / not available from Yr?

Would really like to use them for screen control conditions.

App version 1.4.3…

Hi @balmli quick question. For the weather situation selections, I currently have a flow set up as the following: When weather situation changes, and weather situation is fair, then open the curtains. I was wondering how specific are the weather situations. Does fair include cloudy, and/or does rain include light showers? Is there a way/advice to modify this such that if there is sufficient sunlight that the curtains open? Should this be via cloudy indicator? Thanks in advance

This might be a silly question, but I ask it anyway since I am facing real difficulties to proceed. Here we go: How can I get the average temperature of tomorrow or today to be used in an advanced flow?

I have exactly the same problem. Am I missing something?

Just resolved adding new device. It would be nice to mention in installing procedure.

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I have a solution for tomorrow’s average temperature:

  1. Add a new weather device that shows weather data +24h.
  2. Install app called insight trends reloaded

Now in an advanced flow, you can calculate the average of that device over past 24 hours. The resulting number is the average temp of tomorrow.

Im using the probability for rain the next hour. But most of the times when I look at the update times. It is updated like 20 hours ago. That means my flows will never react on rain in time. How can I get it to update every five minute for instance

It sees it’s not updated at all. The rain has been zero for the last 20 hours, but in yrs app it’s forecasted rain. @balmli

Same here, stopped updating 2 days ago. “Rain next 6 hours” is still updating but not “Rain next hour”.
@balmli - Any chance you could take a look?

We actually have to «add new device» like you would for instance add a Zigbee device.

So; install the app.
Next «add new device» and choose Yr

You must actually not only «install app», but «add device» on your Homey and choose Yr.