[APP]PRO] Tesla

Homey is visible in the account

And Ronny’s App in the car

The Tesla homepage:

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Thx, now I know where to look.

That’s the place where you can remove access for the Homey app for your account. It revokes the oAuth access for the Homey app. That’s account specific.

The car registration is needed to send commands to the car. This registration is car specific and can be removed in car settings (stored as car key).

Yes, working now!

  1. Did you allow location check im car device settings?

This did the trick.


Dear @RonnyW,

thank you for creating this app. I was using the old version and am glad with your app, we’re still able to control our Tesla with HPomey Pro.

One function that I can’t finsd in your app is the AND-condition “if the car is plugged in”. Is there another way I can do this with the new app?


I’m not RonnyW, but I’ll try to help anyway :wink:

Take a look at the card:

Charge status in the If area, select there:


Is that enough for you?


If I have tested this correctly, you can query whether the car is connected, i.e. plugged, or not.


And I think you have to have this tile too.
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-02-19 13-12-51

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Oh yes, that was it. Hadn’t looked at that card.
Herzlichen Dank

New test version 1.2.4:

  • Added timeline hint for unpaired cars.
  • Updated pair/car registration screen.
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Maybe a little overkill, but this works for me :slight_smile:

Great app btw!

Today all of a sudden it says that the app is not installed. Installed it again…still same issue. Anyone has the same?

AND after several attemps working again.

Can you please explain this? Where have you seen the message?

Hi all. @RonnyW thank you for a great app - excellent choice to split in four devices. Great potential and great work.

To the users, are you also having issues with “Sentry mode”. I use Sentry mode to activate 22 at night and disable in the morning. The workflow completes, with no error, but state in app does not change.
Question: do you use Sentry Mode and is it working for you guys?

Are you activating via flow?
What API access are you using? REST or Proxy?

i can confirm sentry isn’t changing via flowcard, im on proxy

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I am activating via flow.
API: I’m using proxy (just checked).

Regarding API: what do you prefer?

“Proxy” is the API you should use for commands.
I’ll check if this is an error.

New test version 1.2.5:

  • Fixed Sentry mode flow actions.

@Kim_Kokholm Can you please try if it’s working now?
It seems I changed also the Sentry flow action while changing the door lock action.


In the current test version - it is working. Thank you for quick fix.