[APP][Pro] Systemair

Systemair support for Athom Homey

With this app and a Systemair Z-wave adapter or a Systemair Internet access module (IAM), you can control your Systemair HVAC.

You can control the set point temperature, set the fan mode and mode.

Device: Systemair IAM Modbus

This device supports the Systemair Internet Access Module in “Modbus TCP” converter mode.

See the Systemair Internet Access Module (IAM) user manual for setting the IAM to Modbus TCP converter mode.


  • Set point temperature was changed
  • Temperature changed
  • Humidity changed
  • Fan mode changed
  • Mode changed
  • The extract air temperature changed
  • The outdoor air temperature changed
  • The overheat temperature changed
  • The supply air temperature changed
  • Alarm activated (Alarm code, Alarm description)
  • Specific alarm activated (Alarm code, Alarm description)
  • Function activated (Function code, Function description)
  • Function deactivated (Function code, Function description)
  • Specific function activated (Function code, Function description)
  • Specific function deactivated (Function code, Function description)


  • Fan mode is/isn’t
  • Mode is/isn’t
  • Alarm is/isn’t active
  • Function is/isn’t active
  • ECO mode enabled/disabled


  • Set temperature
  • Set fan mode
  • Set mode
  • Initiate away mode
  • Initiate crowded mode
  • Initiate fireplace mode
  • Initiate holiday mode
  • Initiate refresh mode
  • Enable/disable ECO mode


  • Target temperature
  • Temperature
  • Mode
  • Fan mode
  • Supply air temperature
  • Extract air temperature
  • Outdoor air temperature
  • Overheat temperature
  • Humidity
  • Days before filter replacement
  • Extract air fan regulation speed
  • Extract air fan RPM
  • Supply air fan regulation speed
  • Supply air fan RPM
  • ECO mode

Device: Systemair Z-wave

This devices supports the Systemair Z-wave adapter.


  • Alarm (tokens: info)


  • Set fan mode
  • Set mode
  • Initiate boost mode


Use at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for any damages caused by using this app.

Release Notes:


  • Added option to go back to previous fan mode


  • Support for Systemair IAM in Modbus TCP converter mode


  • Added option for Temperature report interval


  • Actions are handled sequentially.


  • Added capability, condition and action card for ‘ECO mode’.
  • Removed ‘Off’ as fan mode.


  • Updated Z-Wave driver


  • Fixes after changes to the logon method


  • Changed minimum target temperature to 12 °C


  • Fixes for flow titles


  • Added ‘Specific alarm activated’ trigger
  • Added ‘Function activated’, ‘Specific function activated’, ‘Function deactivated’ and ‘Specific function deactivated’ triggers
  • Added ‘Function is/isn’t active’ condition
  • Added capabilities for extract and supply fan speeds
  • Removed ‘Cooker hood changed’ trigger


  • Added support for alarms


  • Added “Days before filter replacement”
  • Swapped order for Overheat temperature and Humidity


  • Added support for cooker hoods
  • Added capability for overheat temperature
  • Added capability for days before filter replacement
  • Updated to firmware 5.0.0

To be able to view Mode and Fan mode, the device must be reinstalled.

Is it possible to have exhaust air temperature visible in the app - and also as a sensor? I control my system with the temperature of the extracted air. Thanks:-) God påske!

Yes! Will fix this.

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And when activating boost mode - it goes to manual (visible in the systemair app) AND does not revert to Auto after end of boost time. I wonder why?

Version 0.9.8 ready for test:

  • Systemair IAM Cloud: added Extract air temperature
  • Systemair IAM Cloud: added Outdoor, Supply and Extract temperature changed triggers!

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The current “boost mode” implementation stores the mode (auto / manual) and the fan mode when the boost mode is activated.

When the period for the boost mode is over, the mode and fan mode are set back to the state they had.

But, this can easily be changed of course :slight_smile:


That sounds good - then I must try again to see if that works :slight_smile:

I do want it to go back to the previous state


Does extract air temp work as expected, @Amund ?

Yes indeed!

I’m working with a friend to really connect the systemair with the NIBE water-water and all of the temperature sensors in the house.

This app was the last bit missing.

Thank you!

I see that the app is slow on updating the fan state.

Takk! Amund

It’s possible to change the polling interval from Advanced settings. The default is 30 seconds. You can set the minimum, if you want, to 10 seconds.

OK! As you see the mode and fan speed updates are not updating - the other values are as expected

See picture:

OK, thanks.

I will try to fix :slight_smile:

Very good app!

The fan speed is not updating.
Is this a known problem?

Status oppdateres - men viftehastighet vil ikke oppdatere.
Er det et kjent problem?

Veldig bra app ellers!


If you could please keep the conversation in English as much as possible, then more people will be able to participate and help you. If you would rather not or can’t communicate in English then please check out Non-English boards at


OK, thanks.

I will have a look at the issue.

Can you go to https://developer.athom.com/tools/devices and search for the systemair device.

Check the last updated for systemair_fan_mode_iam and systemair_fan_mode_iam_ro.

2 weeks and the other 26minutes ago.

And systemair_fan_mode_iam and systemair_fan_mode_iam_ro does not change, if you change the speed of the fan with the Systemair app ?

What if you change the speed with the Homey app ?

@balmli: Hi
I bought the Z-Wave unit from Systemair. What values can be retrieved from the unit with the app? -All modbus? Can values also be written to the unit?