[APP][Pro] Sun Events (Update SDK3)

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@MarcelT just discovered small bug … searching do not work:

Thank you.

Fixed search:


Seemed to be a intermittent problem, working again now.

Hi Marcel, I think there is a little bug in the (latest) test version. I have a flow card that checks if it is between start golden hour evening and the end of sunrise. It should return true now, but it does not.

Ah I see in the app description that events between today and tomorrow are not supported anymore. So I will have check it another way.

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You can use “It’s between End of sunrise (0) and Golden hour begins (0)” and connect the next card to the lower connection point (the yellow one).
Or you can invert the card “It’s not between End of sunrise (0) and Golden hour begins (0)” and use the upper connection point (the blue one).


So, this may be a simple question with a complex answer.

During summer our bedroom is basically a green house. But if we close the blinds things are actually fine. I’d like to keep our blinds closed for the shortest amount of time possible. And that’s when the sun is directly hitting the windows. How can I calculate thistime period?

No need for calculation, but determing the ‘azimuth’ values.
The azimuth capability can be used to trigger a flow between certain sun positions;
F.i. when the sun hits your windows between the south (noon/180°) and west (evening/270°),

The ‘altitude’ can be used to determine if the sun is high enough above the horizon to hit the windows.

I set WHEN Altitude or Azimuth chages, AND it is exactly 13 or 195, THAN to this.
It triggers multiple times. It trigers 4 times.
How to solve this?

I can’t get it to trigger multiple times on an azimuth change.
Also, I don’t always receive even numbers.
Screenshot from 2023-05-15 22-11-09

So you can use something like this, to make sure it triggers only once:

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Thank you. Will try with logic.
Maybe I could try also with decimal place 195.1

This is 4 times on “sunset” altitude.

I would like to mention https://www.suncalc.org/
as great help to see sun at your location in variuos times of year.
It makes planing easier. You get azimuth and altitude data etc…

Does the Settings works for you on HP23 and SunEvents v2.1.1 ? Issue persist for me for several weeks already.

Interesting, it’s fixed by magic (probably by Athom on their side)

Hi @MarcelT,
just found out, that the condition card “Azimuth is between X and Y” doesn’t work on HP19. On HP23 it works without problem.

Test flows:

Timeline results:

Diagnostic report no.: d2b7c0eb-b38f-4945-b911-8b9ae0d4281d

That’s wierd, seems like a bug in homey. But I will check.

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Hi Marcel,

The conditional card ‘It [is|isn´t] after sunrise/sunset’ card seems to be inverted at my system.

I created an issue on git:

Thanks in advance.

I also notice something strange about the Azimuth values. When I use the ‘and’ card from the app for the azimuth value it seems to read different values ​​than when I read it from a logic card. See screen print below. From the logic card the value is greater than 130 but from the app it gives false.

Hi @MarcelT , I saw that you updated Sun Events recently but it didn’t update in my case, because the last update was for 1.4.x branch, while I was using test 2.1.x branch. Is that intended, that the final is 1.4.x and manual update is required ? Thank you.