[APP][Pro] Sun Events (Update SDK3)

I’m on 10.3.0-rc.5 (previously on stable) and SunEvents v2.1.2 test - it’s not a big deal just noticed that…

Server HTTP GET /manager/flow/flowcardcondition/homey:app:com.cyclone-software.sunevents/homey:app:com.cyclone-software.sunevents:cond_special_day/autocomplete → Error 500: Cannot read properties of undefined (                                                 reading 'toLowerCase')

I’m trying to use the “light percentage” in “Sun events” as a trigger in a flow.
Any idea how this works? I’m getting negative light percentages :roll_eyes:

Is there an alternative app?

It’s not very exact imho, better use a luminance sensor?

Works for me like it should, just tested.
The sunlight is currently at 99%. According to the app, the sun is at its highest point at 12:41. I assume that the sunlight will be at 100% by 12:41 at the latest.

Please post your flow.

Edit 27.03.24

@ZeroSugar, these are the result from my yesterday test. So everything is ok.
These brightness values don’t take weather conditions into account, they are only based on the position of the sun, just as additional info.

I still wanted to reply, Dirk :slight_smile:
So yes, it’s half true for the onboard Time & Date sun cards positive offset, it cannot have a negative offset.

The Sun Event card can have an offset of max +/- 60 minutes.
When I enter 61 or higher, I cant confirm / save the flowcard.

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That looks nice, indeed. I have a logging from since yesterday…and it’s giving following values:


As you can see, as of 20h00 it starts giving negative values. Strange as well…it’s giving different values during the night.

Could you share/post your flow please.

It’s just a simple flow.

And maybe the part when you do the logging ? Are you sure you are using in the logging LIGHT PERCENTAGE ?
I also don’t have such issues personally.

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Well, i haven’t done any real logging. Just wrote a simple flow to mail me the light percentage every hour.

When I test a simple flow (Start → Logic → Notification) I get integer numbers again and no decimal numbers like you use for the logic flow cards:


So are you sure you use the right tag?

Well, when i type in “Light”…it only gives me the choice as you can see:

Just tested, HP23, firmware v10.3.3-rc.4, Sun Events Sun Events | Homey v1.4.9 :

Kind of interesting you are not getting percentage.

Yes, that’s strange. I get values like 0.315 … -0.951

Well, there is some logic in the values. I think these are calculated values. I put them in a graph

Please provide following info:

  • Homey Model
  • Firmware Version
  • Sun Events App Version

My configuration:

  • Homey Pro (early 2023)
  • Firmware v10.3.3 (stable)
  • Sun Events App Version v2.1.2

Btw., interesting numeration:

Homey Model :Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Version : v10.3.3
Sun Events : 1.4.8

Looks like i have an older Sun Events version. Maybe update might help.

@ZeroSugar Please use the latest test version:

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@MarcelT, what are the maximum and minimum Kelvin values? Searched this topic, the App Store and on and on the main page of GitHub, but didn’t found an info about that.

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