[APP][Pro] SONOFF Zigbee

The “repair” functionality is what you are looking for, it’s under maintenance in the mobile app or right click on a device in the web gui.

Hi Johan, thanks for the good work on this app.
Just wanted to point out that since a while my ZBMINI’s (01MINIZB) are not responding anymore. They are giving a timeout. I cannot figure out why this has happened, as nothing was changed. Any idea? Any input you would need?

Hi @Bert_Wissink.
Please send a diagnostic report from the app and post the report code here or add your name to the report when you send it.

Hi Johan, here is the link


Hope it gives you some clarity.

Hi @Bert_Wissink, sorry for the late answer.
This is the only error:
Error: Apparaat is niet te bereiken.

Looks like your device does not communicate with Homey, check:

  • jamming WiFi signals / channels
  • bad position for the unit (unable to reach)
  • enough Zigbee routers
  • Homey power adapter

If nothing helps, try removing and pair again.

Hi, sorry I can not find the repair function anywhere?

Web App:

Mobile App:

  • long-press on the device
  • click on the gear in in upper right corner
  • click on maintenance
  • click on “try to repair”

Its not there?

Hi Tommy,

Have you been able to fix your problem with the ZBMINIL2S? I have exactly the same problem as you.


Hello Christoph,
Sorry to hear about your problem.
For me I would say the hangings I had seem to be related to poor coverage. I had a routing device I thought, that was right next to zb .in that would hung the most, but when I checked it was added as an end device. Removing and re-adding this tuya smart switch and adding one relatively near the other zbminil2 seem to allbut totally remove the problems for me.
Think I’ve had only one hanging since then.

Good luck!

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Clear! Thanks. I have added a few routing devices, let’s see if this helps.

One thing I noticed though is that my devices become unresponsive if I have turned on the switch using the actual hardware switch. The moment I turn off the switch, they become responsive again in Homey. Making me believe the electrician has made a mistake installing them.

Hi all!

Will the new button from sonoff be added in the future the SNZB-01p (which seams like a very good button!




Thanks for looking into this, Johan. Solved it by reconnecting the device.