[APP][Pro] Slimmelezer

Unofficial app for the ESPHome based SlimmeLezer+ device create by Marcel Zuidwijk. This app makes use of the ESPHome REST API for getting the energy data from the P1 port on your smart energy meter.

Getting started
The device needs to be setup according to the instructions on the SlimmeLezer website
This is a wifi device so you must make sure the SlimmeLezer and your Homey are on the same network.

It is also recommended to give your SlimmeLezer a fixed op address, because after adding the device to homey, this address will be saved, and used everytime homey connects to the device.

Supported Devices

  • SlimmeLezer
  • SlimmeLezer+



I have Slimmelezer installed , and is communicating. (Checked in browser)
When installing this App on Homey, Slimmelezer is added, but will not show data.
Is it possible to check the IP address ?

Are you using the SlimmeLezer or the SlimmeLezer+?

You can send me a diagnostics report by going to the app and press create diagnostics report in the settings. Ill add a feature in the next update to view the IP Address of your device, I will do this in the next few days.


Slimmelezer+ is what I am using.

After inspecting your diagnostic result, I see that you’re using an older version of the homey software which is missing some functionality that I’m using for the SlimmeLezer.

You are currently running Homey v10.0.5 and according to the documentation the functionality I’m using is added from version 10.2.1. I’ll update the app so it’s requiring the correct version of Homey to prevent further issues.

Good to know you were able to find a reason.
You write that the v10.0.5 is an older version.
My Homey tells me there are no updates available.
Do I need to switch on experimental updates ?

Are you on the Homey pro (early 2019) version by any chance? If so, I didn’t know the homey versions did not match.

I will rewrite my code so it works with older versions as well.

Correct, It is a Homey Pro (Early 2019)

I’ve created a test version that should not have the dependency to the new Homey version. You can test it here. I’ve also added the option to view the IP Address of your device in the settings of the created device.

Perfect, All data is available now.
Thank you for the quick solution.

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The version with backwards compatibility is now live